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    Demo Impressions

    what is your problem???????? for everyone that think that barcelonas AI are impossible, or GK are unbeatable, i'll tell you how to fix it: lower the difficulty ;) what is the point to make a world class difficulty if you want it to be easy???? if you were good enough to beat...
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    Creation Master 11 [Official Thread]

    i dont know how to do it =/ and the addboard question? does anybody know how to change addboards? thx for helping
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    Creation Master 11 [Official Thread]

    no, i meant like if we could add each type of boots and then add only different colors, but not replacing the ea defaults my final objective is to make something like this ea boots ( color1,color2,color3,etc) adidas predator (white/blue, black/white, etc) mercurial vapor (purple, blue, etc)...
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    Creation Master 11 [Official Thread]

    Is there a way to create one kind of boot(nike mercurial for example) and add different collors on the same id??? like the ea default boots??? and about the addboards, i changed it on the teams page, and it doesnt change on game (yes im saving before closing CM) thx for helping =D
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    hemiunu's footlocker

    i was thinking, is there a way to rename the rx3 files to make new colors of the same boot? like the EA default boots its textures are named shoe_0_0_textures.rx3, shoe_0_1_textures.rx3 and so go on, is there a way to make this with custom boots, like, nike mercurial vapor (red, green, etc)????
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    Cep 11

    @regularcat @nostress20 thx for trying to help me, my problem was that i wasnt running the regenerator in administrator mode, really strange, since it was operating normally and even changing some leagues badges, but now running it in adm mode it installed everything, thx for everything PS...
  7. M

    Cep 11

    hello guys i desinstaled my fifa, deleted everything. then i installed again, instaled the oficial patch 1.01 and then copied the folders db, loc, sceneassets and ui from cep folder to fifa folder, replaced all the files, and run i68regenerator and my fifa continues with only some league...
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    Cep 11

    already deleted all files in the my documents folder and created a new profile and it still not working
  9. M

    Cep 11

    i instaled like it is tolding to do in the first post, but it only changed some logos, but i havent no new leagues, teams and tornaments, what im doing wrong?
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    Farkam Faces Fifa 11

    unf%&^#% beliavable, your faces are perfect, congratulations if have some spare time could you try to make andres dalessandro (argentina)?
  11. M

    Meedolson's Hair edits Fifa 11

    could you put those hairs for download plz =D i think they are very nice, you have talent
  12. M


    perfect hair very nice job ;)
  13. M


    perfect hair very nice job ;)
  14. M


    your faces are perfect, with hair it will be amazing, nice work you are an excelent facemaker sorry for my bad english
  15. M


    amazing faces, already dowloaded them, but what about neymar and ganso's hair, what should i do about them, is there a way yo put an EA hair on them, how do i put it?