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    Shifty*nim's FIFA 13 Faces

    Thank your job is one of the best .
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    Shifty*nim's FIFA 13 Faces

    Shifty*nim awaiting their response if we can use your work in our patch? http://www.soccergaming.com/forums/showthread.php?t=180040
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    Shifty*nim's FIFA 13 Faces

    Hello Shifty*nim's permição wanted to ask her to be able to use their faces in our patch? from already thank your great work .. Here our page for you to see our work http://www.soccergaming.com/forums/showthread.php?t=180040
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    UM League Adboard Pack

    Hello I am Aluisio Duarte, we are creating a super patch for FIFA 13 wanted to use his work because of that you saw is the best releases so that we can use in our patch you will have their credits Here our page for you to check since ja thank ...
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    Kenshin and Killerito's Tattoo Studio & Graphics

    Hello Killerito Kenshin and wanted to ask permission to use your work in our patch, Otrabalho of you are amazing and wanted telo in our patch Canarinho since 2013 thanks ja ... Here is our page if they want to take a look http://www.soccergaming.com/forums/showthread.php?p=3380304&posted=1...
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    FIFA12 faces + FaceGen

    Thanks for your help I could use the work for you ... Facegem 3.1
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    FIFA12 faces + FaceGen

    Not the right, the model does not appear or select your required work anyway .. vo try other solutions here ...2208binho thanks for the reply ..
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    FIFA12 faces + FaceGen

    Hello your work is amazing congratulations, you wanted to know it would work also facegem in version 3.5 because I have this version?
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    Fifa 12 editing generation update

    I just wanted to DB Part 3 of tattoos would make you fly to upload I would be grateful ... Your work is the best CONGRATULATIONS..
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    Fifa 12 editing generation update

    hello beautiful work your way you would upload the part 3 Db of tatto with Db edited since less work for me to put in game I'm grateful for their work this perfect parabés your team .. sorry my bad english
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    Fifa world cup 2010

    Hardly wait for this pach already given up all other national teams because they lack what I like, Ghana, Ivory Coast, etc. ...... Congratulations for the work I'm waiting for this wonderful PATCH ....
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    Cep 11

    CONGRATULATIONS, great job for all q in the patch have helped I thank you all because I enjoy the FIFA and this patch will be amazing for me to play .... Thanks to all publishers PROTEJAN GOD ALWAYS .....
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    CEP for fifa11 NG ?

    Hello Guys just so they can know already has a date to be released this patch? thanks for the work already provided for you .....
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    Braziliam SAMBA PATCH (Série A and B and more...)

    Thank you brother worked here right now ....
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    Braziliam SAMBA PATCH (Série A and B and more...)

    DB will be ready when new? When I play with a team from serie C mananger of Brazil in the way he closed the game ....
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    Braziliam SAMBA PATCH (Série A and B and more...)

    Zhezow Hello brother put there your DB, because that's not our friend is giving to edit .. Since already thank you
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    Braziliam SAMBA PATCH (Série A and B and more...)

    Ai mano Patch was to show but with a problem when I try to start the mode co trenador teams of Brazil c series of error out of the game ... Why?
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    Braziliam SAMBA PATCH (Série A and B and more...)

    RELO4DED11, Congratulations very good job pricipalmente because I am Brazilian and I like the Brazilian teams ... thanks to this new version will be waiting there ... I edit face so that I learn how to make 3d models you need to patch ...