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    [Official Thread] Creation Master 12

    Are there any CMPs for FIFA 12 yet? I can't find any.
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    Polish League Patch 12

    Also, how about chants? Will there be "Jebać PZPN" chants in this patch?
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    Polish League Patch 12

    So, patchers should simply cooperate to make big international patch instead of making small patches which are all unsatisfactory.
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    Polish League Patch 12

    A program that reads EXE patches? Huh, that'd be an awesome tool! But I still wish patchers switched to CMP. CMPs are lighter (EXEs may weigh hard gigabytes) and more convenient. I'd love the FIFA sites from around the world to cooperate on one big patch, rather than compete with each other...
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    Polish League Patch 12

    Which is really stupid. Patchers really act like they were making patches for themselves and not for the players. There should really be more cooperation, not antagonism, in the FIFA fanbase. Nobody earns money for making patches, so I don't really understand why most patchers are such...
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    Polish League Patch 12

    Polish patchers never make CMPs. NEVER. I really don't understand what's Poland's problem with CMP. Polaczki, dlaczego?! But I hope that when CM12 is done, a CMP version of this will be made. I don't care about changed menues and useless things like that. I simply want THE TEAMS. Also, it'd...
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    Concacaf Forum - Fifa 08

    When will the .cmp version be here?
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    Concacaf Forum - Fifa 08

    What does "Fantasy" mean? That EVERYTHING is made up including the club names and players?
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    FIFABaltic's "UEFA EURO 2008 Official Update Patch" Thread

    Thanks Robbie! It's awesome. So, the surnames in the fake teams (EA, of course) are actually twisted real names (noticed that when playing Kazakhstan. Loboya is Loriya, Sokov is Smakov, Zhuvtushenko is Zhumaskaliyev, Superanaskov is Suyumagambetov. Huh.) That was cool to learn those names. The...
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    What's with that goalie?

    I have FIFA Manager 09. I play with Arsenal. However, my goalkeeper KEEPS RUNNING OUT OF HIS GOAL! And the opponents shoot goal to an empty goal. How can I force the goalie not to run out of the goal? Help me. I keep losing because of that ****ass.
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    Concacaf Forum - Fifa 08

    No problem. I sounded much ruder. Which doesn't change the fact that someone SHOULD make the .cmp. My current altered version of FIFA is too precious to install any exe patches. So, easy or not, someone has to do a .cmp of this patch.
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    Concacaf Forum - Fifa 08

    Which doesn't change the fact that I STILL want .cmp of this patch.
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    CEP 6.0: The Revolution

    No new Leagues in CEP 6.0? I knew it! Just knew it! CEP is MEANINGLESS without it's precious leagues. They should call it 5.1 or "5.0 Addon" because it's nothing more than a MEANINGLESS update. I'm really disappointed, CEP staff.
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    Concacaf Forum - Fifa 08

    Maybe it is a good patch. Maybe it works perfectly. But it's EXE, hence it's useless. Make it CMP and I'll download it.
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    Concacaf Forum - Fifa 08

    Give us .cmp! EXE = Wrong. Giving .exe patches kills all the dreams for perfect FIFA. EXE = Useless We want CMP!
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    Concacaf Forum - Fifa 08

    Cool! Could you give CMPs for both divisions of Guatemala? Would be awesome!
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    .::African Rosters Update Patch::.

    I really don't care if it works or not. I want it to work with Creation Master because I'm mixing different patches to get a perfect version of FIFA. However, the only way to mix patches is to install them as .cmps using Creation Master. If a patch doesn't allow it, then it's useless. That's...
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    Swiss Axpo and Challenge league patch?

    Waiting is redudant because if someone makes a .CMP with Swiss Challenge League, it'll be probably a patch for FIFA 09, not 08, so waiting is completely redundant here. I think the only way is making one, which requires much free time and abilities (especially graphical - for faces, kits, flags...
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    Swiss Axpo and Challenge league patch?

    I'm afraid there is no such patch. If there was one, I would certainly have it (I'm collecting league patches). Sorry. There is always CEP but it is an automatic-installing patch, which sucks. It's not a .cmp....
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    The CM08 thread

    I meant CEP! CEP is an .exe file, not the Stadiums. It is CEP who is guilty of ruining your game, not the stadiums! CEP, as every .exe patch DOESN'T ALLOW TO ALTER IT IN ANY WAY (well, maybe it allows to change some kits/faces/graphics but it does not allow installing any .cmp patches)! That's...