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    any body i need help with winter transfers:|

    hi i downloaded the original db file but it didnt work andi dont know why so if any bodycangive the right file in the My documents/fifa12 I WOULD BE GREATFUL AND THANK UVERY MUCH
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    pls i ned creation master 12

    any bodyyyyyyy pleaseeeee
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    how can i change the scoreboard in fifa 12

    how can i change the scoreboard in fifa 12 ?? please help !!
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    ea servers help!!!

    can someone help me its about ea servers it keeps telling me that its not available hlp me plz :|
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    pls i ned creation master 12

    please every one i can't find creation master 12 any where can someone i mean any one give me the link :) and i will be greatfull
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    how can i backup files?...............

    like when i download new rosters (fifa.db) i copy it in the right place and nothing happens..................plz hlp
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    new season crashes in manager mod

    hi guys i played manager with barca and when i picked a sponser in the second year it loaded until 50% and the game crashed what should i do
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    stadiums problem

    yes its absalutly like crashing
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    resize minis

    can any one resize some minis for me bcause i dont have photoshop http://www.filefront.com/17201302/Premier-League.rar/ http://www.filefront.com/17251871/Ligue-One.rar/ http://www.filefront.com/17292785/Liga-BBVA.rar/
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    stadiums problem

    any one?!!
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    stadiums problem

    hi guys please help me bcause i imported sum stadiums like villa park city of manchester and when i play with them they dont work please tell me how to make it work
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    2010/11 New Kits

    spurs gk-http://shop.tottenhamhotspur.com/spurs08/searchcategory.php?super=0010BRN00090~0040BRN00094&supercategory=BRN00094&branch=BRN00094&wcategory=&treecode=TRE00041 arsenal gk-http://onlinestore.arsenal.com/icat/replicakit mancity...
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    2010/11 New Kits

    thank u lupi
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    2010/11 New Kits

    all w ham and birmingham kits and gk kits like arsenal- blackburn- bolton- everton- mancity- sunderland- spurs- wigan and wolves and west brom home kit
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    little help!!!

    i did and nothing bcause the links dont work can some one re uploads them
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    patch uefa champions league 2010-2011

    common guys whers ur spirit lets do them common
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    little help!!!

    hi i have all barclays pl stadiums except for wolvs wigan and blackpool and i will b so happy if any one uploads them for me thank u
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    Fifa 07 update 09-10

    install net frame work
  19. S

    2010/11 New Kits

    good job
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    hi does any one have uefa cl 2008-2009 patch

    it didnt work the told me that an unhandled expectaion was don can you help me