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    Romanian Next Generation Project 12

    The list is the same as for CRLP Volume 2, of course, some players have changed teams but the real face is still there.
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    Danny79 Stadium's

    Every detail made in very good quality. Fantastic job!
  3. V

    Romanian Next Generation Project 12

    Check if the patch has been completely downloaded. If so, run the installer as Admin.
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    New Kits 2012/2013

  5. V

    Romanian Next Generation Project 12

    The rosters are updated with the most important transfers in Europe.
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    Romanian Next Generation Project 12

    Download RNGP 12 now! http://fifaclub.org/rngp12-100/
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    Romanian Next Generation Project 12

    Mate, the patch has been released yesterday on our forum but I recommend to download it this evening when the links will be updated and the latest transfers will be included.
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    Romanian Next Generation Project 12

    Soon. Very soon.
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    Romanian Next Generation Project 12

    Sure. There will be a list of them.
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    !!FHL-Scoreboard-Tool (new FIFA 12 version!)!!

    Hi! I have a problem, if I try to move the Extra Time it will move the whole scoreboard in that direction. Is there something I can do about it?
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    Romanian Next Generation Project 12

    Stop feeding bullcrap around here. The patch will most likely be released in within the next days.
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    Dinamo Bucharest [2012/2013]

    Well, just two goals down against Barcelona, altough Barca didn't forced, it is pretty good for the Romanian football. At least our name reached the international newspapers.
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    FIFA-Muntenia 2012-2013 Trikot-Markt

    It's not your fault, this forum is less populated nowadays. Anyway, great kits! They will be present in RNGP 12 also.
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    Regenerating issues

    In FIFA 12 we have 3 main ways to regenerate, using Iard's tool, using BH Editor and using CM 12. But they all have some issues. First, Iard's tool will crash if it will be used on EURO 12 version of FIFA, and also will crash sometimes if game path will not be seen in registry. Same problems for...
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    The LoLo17 Work

    Very good work!
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    svence Stadiums thread

    Fantastic job, they look much better than EA original stadiums.
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    Proposal for various patch compatible ...

    CMP seems dead for FIFA 12. Without CMP, CMS is useless, because we can't import more than one DB patch.
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    Romanian Next Generation Project 12

    It depends of the situation of Liga 2 teams which most of them are in a very bad financial state.
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    New Kits 2012/2013

    Fantastic PAO kit until I saw the sponsor.