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    -TzU- Kit's Thread

    Corona Brasov 2014/15 Cristi, cine e claudiu? Te referi la kitmakerul de la 07, mi-a zis freak ceva de el ca o sa zica lumea ca sunt el, si mi-a zis sa va zic asa : Verifica-ti ip-ul, nu prea le am in dinastea dar a zis ca aia ar fi dovada ca sa arat ca nu sunt claudiu, daca eram claudiu pe...
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    -TzU- Kit's Thread

    Okey, i make Fluminese tomorrow :)
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    -TzU- Kit's Thread

    Nu sunt in nicio echipa, in primul rand sa ma prezint, ma cheama Lucian! Ionut am auzit ca ai tu un site romanesc :-?
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    Logos For FIFA 13

    Very good, please make for Romania pls :D
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    2013-14 patch for FIFA 11 [tokke001]

    The best patch <3
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    -TzU- Kit's Thread

    Hi, in this topic i will present my kits! I'm from Romania PSG Home 2014 (Beta Version, i don't looked socks and short.. ) Next -> Real Madrid Home/Away 2014/15 Request accepted (the team is in Europa or National Team for make)
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    Alvarez Workshop

    Good !
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    KITS BY:DjonatanJG

    Great kits!
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    ""Kits by FreaK""

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    -==Clau` Kits Thread==-

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    Neri´Kits Request

    Good work!
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    El Salvador and Concacaf Kits

    Good work
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    minikits and kits by alex 1008

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    New FIFA14 kits converted

    Good work, continue :)
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    ((((xto kits 10))))

    Very goooodd :o
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    Kits by maxi9494

    Great WORK!
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    -=Freak' Kits Thread=-

    Freak pls make Real Madrid Home 2014/15! Thanks my bro!
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    -=Freak' Kits Thread=-

    Very good :D
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    -=Freak' Kits Thread=-

    Very good :)