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    (ALL THE STADIUMS) Ultimate Stadium Packs - (Stadium Server CGFS 16) v2

    thank you for sharing all these stadiums, great work! i don't know if you can convert stadiums from pes to fifa, here you can find eight colombian stadiums, would be great if somebody could convert them to fifa, specially atanasio girardot (copa libertadores champion), metropolitano (national...
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    white_knight's Scoreboards

    fantastic scoreboards mate! if i install for example the copa libertadores one, it will show it only on that tournament?
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    Bogdan's Scoreboard Pack

    wow, great scoreboards mate! any chance for a download link for the colombian league one? in case you haven't finished it yet, and need more detailed pictures (like the opening graphics showing the teams and their starting 11 and that stuff) let me know, and thanks in advance!
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    ajdo16's Faces

    great faces mate! i hope you can update the welsh pirlo!
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    Stadiums By Willams9991

    with CM14 you can remove the banners for the national teams, so those new ones will look as williams9991's
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    Tonce's 14-15 Kits

    great kits man! just one small tip. the nike kits come in two versions: player version and fan version, obviously the players use player version, with the holes at the sides, and the different material at back, i think every one knows it, but there's a new difference in 14-15 and world cup kits...
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    Tonce's 14-15 Kits

    http://liverpool-shirt.narod.ru/2010-20/2013-14/away/rep/13-4-ass-rep-war.jpg https://sports.warrior.com/on/demandware.static/Sites-warrior_uk-Site/Sites-warrior_uk-Library/en_GB/v1398250885549/image/tech_logos/war_tech_wartech.png...
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    BFL TEAM 14 Editing

    fantastic! thanks for help fifa look even more realistic!
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    BFL TEAM 14 Editing

    fantastic work, you're the best mate!!
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    AleGN Goes 14

    nice kits mate! do you have scotland's new one?? i've searched a lot and can't find it, thanks and keep that fantastic work!
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    Superwagon's Stadiums

    Check in documents/FIFA 14 and delete the "squads" file (i don't know if this is the real name of that file, i play in spanish and appears as "plantillas", anyway i'm sure you'll find it easily) it doesn't matter if you use an existing id or not, for me is working in both cases
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    Stadiums by Twich

    looks so good!
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    Superwagon's Stadiums

    nice work superwagon, looks fantastic! i installed the St Mary's using Moddingway 1.3.0, with Creation Master i copied Goodison Park using id 146, change the stadium name and information, and before copy the files to FIFA folder i just rename "147" to "146" in each file, then just copy to game's...
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    CALVAREZ Kits 08::..

    uff hombre ke chimba de kits...muy vacanos siga asi