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    to delete

    to delete, problem solved
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    Leagues & Teams patch 23/24

    I have some updated database with some issues: 1.) kits are from season 2021 2.) only 700 clubs are updated to 23/24, 200 less important clubs are not updated, they have players from season 20/21) 3.) 70 clubs from not updated ones have too few player for example: Uerdingen (Bundesliga 2 or 3)...
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    The best way to edit teams & players

    Yeah firstly I need to wait for game availibity as FIP 5.1 cannot be installed on cracked version of game (cracked one is with update 2). It fails when import to CGFE18. Probably because the last update is required, at least they write in Readme.txt: "It is recommended that you use a clean...
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    The best way to edit teams & players

    I implemented the tool on my own two years ago: https://soccergaming.com/index.php?threads/fifahelper-tool-for-automatical-converson-databases-fifa22-fifa15-16.6470596/#post-6759904 It can only convert fifa 22 to fifa 15, fifa16 to fifa15 (about 19 .txt tables). Now I will add conversion of...
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    The best way to edit teams & players

    The most difficult is to define conversion map for faces and hair and also for traits. Here is conversion map between fifa 22 and fifa15/16 for hair: I guess there are much more heads and hair in fifa 22 than in fifa18 so above cannot be reused in reverse order, just it is a need to look at...
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    The best way to edit teams & players

    OK I played two matches and I was dissapointed but then played match and I was satisfied. I found also fixtures of cpu matches: I never play career just tournaments so lack of fixtures of cpu matches would disqualified this game for me. So I think it is sense of extend tool about updating...
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    The best way to edit teams & players

    but I see that game is no longer available in ea store and in other websties it costs too much 100-200E and it isn't quaranted you get working code.
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    The best way to edit teams & players

    I think this one https://dl.fifa-infinity.com/fifa-18/fifa-infinity-patch-18/ is the same patch as FIFA18 community mod according to description and links work
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    The best way to edit teams & players

    You mean this patch? Yes link expired. I think that I could do such conversion because I have tool which can convert 19 tables from fifa_ng.db fifa22,fifa16 (fip) to fifa15. So I would need to implement conversion to fifa18. But firstly I need to download fifa 18 cracked game in order to see if...
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    I checked and these updates for fifa 17,18,19,20 are really fake. I mean some players are updated and some leagues but in comparison with patches like FIP for fifa 16 or other ones these updates for Fifa17,18,19,20 etc seen just on youtube are completely piece of shit with low cost. The guys who...
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    to delete

    to delete
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    FIFA Infinity Patch 16 V7.2 (23/24 Edition)

    you are still playing in fifa16, this is the worst fifa game ever, AI players don't do any dribling tricks and there is none gameplay patch which fix that. Two years ago I also tried to edit some gameplay settings but without success. Much better is fifa15. So this is amazing that some people...
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    fifaHelper tool for automatical converson databases Fifa22 -> Fifa15/16

    use this tool to translate: https://translate.google.com/
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    Leagues & Teams patch 23/24

    For creating patches to fifa15 I recommend this tool: http://www.soccergaming.com/index.php?threads/fifahelper-tool-for-automatical-converson-databases-fifa22-fifa15-16.6470596/ If there is some fifa16 or fifa22 patch ready for season 22/23 you can convert it to fifa15. Of course still many...