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    Guimattoss Superpatch

    Hello, can somebody please reupload this great patch? I searched the internet "all around the world" for the patch but i didn't find any working links. This would be very, very grandios! Thanks in advance!
  2. C

    Cep 11

    New Saison 2013/14 Update for CEP 11? Hello, I have a question to the patch creators. Would it be possible to make an squad, team and kit update for new season 2013/14? This would be very great! I like this great patch very much and still play it until today and I think other People, too...
  3. C

    Fifa 11 Kit Making Tutorial?

    I have the wish to learn how to make own kits. Has somebody a kit making tutorial specially for Fifa 11 or can make one please? I searched at google, youtube and so on but i can't find a tutorial so far. Hint: I have/use GIMP.
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    CEP for fifa11 NG ?

    Maybe I can try to make some logos but I'm a beginner in editing for Fifa so far. But the proof is in the pudding :D. I can try it but I can't promise anything...
  5. C

    CEP for fifa11 NG ?

    Many thanks for Menu-logo templates I was looking so long for this
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    CEP for fifa11 NG ?

    One suggestion/idea for a CEP patch: All Nationalteams in the World Albania - I - Kategoria Superiore Algeria - I - D1 Nedjma Andorra - I - Primera Divisió Argentina - I - Primera División Argentina - I - II - Primera B Nacional Armenia - I - Bardsragujn Chumb Australia - I - Hyundai...