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    MXTRA 16 Patch

    Are you planning on adding the new teams to USL and NASL (Rio Grande Valley, Bethlehem Steel, Miami FC, etc.) when the new seasons kick off later this year? And, unfortunately, the Atlanta Silverbacks have had operations suspended for the foreseeable future by the NASL. (Link)
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    Tournament and League Structure and Editing Thread

    I have a problem. After adding NYCFC and Orlando City, I've later tried playing a CM with Everton. Everything has looked great up until the point where I decided to see how the all-AI MLS has shaped up. I have no idea why, but New York just won't play matches at all when I'm not controlling a...
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    FIFA 15 To 14

    Is the new Adidas Nativo ball in the ball archive file?
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    FIFA 15 To 14

    Fantastic, thanks Grafsky!
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    FIFA 15 To 14

    Can someone extract the new kits for Orlando City and New York City from FIFA 15 and post them?
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    Tournament and League Structure and Editing Thread

    After setting up MLS for the 15/16 format by replacing Chivas USA with Orlando City and adding NYCFC, I'm left with moving Houston and SKC to the Western Conference to make room in the East for the new teams. However, looking at the tournament set-up in CM14, I have no idea how to do this. I can...