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Search results

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    .:: 09 Popups Factory - Completed Discovery ::.

    Great work on all the pop-ups so far MD. Can't wait for the release to put the EPL into my game. :)
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    My 09 Kits

    Great kits Interista! :D
  3. N

    Minis by 09 texture

    I prefer the template you originally started out with over the one you changed to. Even though they are similar to the EA ones, the polished look of your ones ingame outdo the EA ones.
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    Fifa Evolution 09 Demo 29 Teams Patch

    Well done. Downloading now so will give it a test once it's finished.
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    .:: 09 Demo Kit Tool ::.

    Try using a download manager for the file (if you have one). I had it fail at various points using Firefox a couple of times then used a download manager and it came through with no trouble.
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    Minis by 09 texture

    I think your quality is much better than the EA ones in-game. Like those Roma minis too.
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    FIFA09 kits and minikits by BlauGraner & Dimalinho

    Great Real kits. Look good in my game.
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    Minis by 09 texture

    A EPL pack all made by the same person (on the same template) would be great. I really hope you do all 20 teams. :)
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    Minis by 09 texture

    Thanks so much for the Pheonix minis. :) Aston Villa ones are great too.
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    Minis by 09 texture

    Since you did the NZ national team, you would probably be interested in making minis for the Wellington Pheonix, right? :D
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    Myx thread

    Great minis! ;)
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    My 09 Kits

    Yay, he's back! Can't wait to see more of your work. That Inter pack is a great start to the thread.
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    Minis by 09 texture

    Nice RM minis. I do like the Germany ones too but as Alex said, the black is very dark.
  14. N

    AhMeD_ShEvA Faces

    I think he goes into replay mode, chooses to follow the player then zooms in and faces the camera just infront of the player.
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    Myx thread

    Nice Fulham kits.
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    something strange i stumbled across...

    It's got that look of sweat on a player face but in black and white. Wonder who the proper face in behind is...
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    .:: 09 Demo Kit Tool ::.

    Can't wait for this MD!
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    Minis by 09 texture

    Wooo!!! New Zealand! They look awesome. :D
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    aleXP93' workshop[09]

    I like those Minis. Home kit (orange) looks really good. Thanks for the flag/banners. :)
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    .:: 09 Demo Match Explorer & Cinematics Patch ::.

    So far, I've only tried the cinematics patch and that works for me. Installed and patched just fine. Thanks MD!