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    UEFA EURO 2008 - Squad Lists

    thanks dude but this topic is about trying to rename all the made up players for consoles because u cant patch them, anyone had any luck yet?
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    FIFABaltic's "UEFA EURO 2008 Official Update Patch" Thread

    robbie do you think you could post the lists of the corrected squads thanks champ
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    UEFA EURO 2008 - Squad Lists

    its gotta be close! i spent an hour trying to match the skill level and the year they where born
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    UEFA EURO 2008 - Squad Lists

    i just figured out the best way to change the players to who they really are, you type in e.g Netherlands National Team in wikipedia and then you go the squad list and look at the year they where born and the position they play then match it up to the squad lists and u can usallly find who its...
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    FIFABaltic's "UEFA EURO 2008 Official Update Patch" Thread

    hey robbie over in the next gen section a few of us are trying to rename all the squads coz we cant import pathces onto xbox and PS3 so if you could post the squad names when you get around to it would help us out heaps cheers
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    Uefa Euro 2008

    I am making this thread for everyones thoughts and stuff of Euro, personally im so wrapped with it, there are only a few small issues but overall the gameplay and graphics are awsome: + Improved Gameplay is uncomparable to FIFA 08 + New features like captain your country are fun and of...
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    Is there any option file or a patch for FIFA 2008

    i think it would be possible but i dont know of any, my brother uploaded mods to UT3 so i guess you could, would be so good for FIFA, new kits, balls, stadiums and stuff. Moding is the only downfall of next gen
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    The BETA Launch Sign-up

    im interested but only in UEFA EURO 2008 tourneys
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    UEFA EURO 2008 - Squad Lists

    yeh i got it yesterday because a store near my house got an early shipment. im just happy other people want to help make the squads correct because i thought this thread was going to get 1000 views and 0 replys Netherlands is a team im despret to put right the only problem is none of the...
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    UEFA EURO 2008 - Squad Lists

    hey guys i just got Euro and its so good, but one thing that im upset about is still not all teams are full licened and players dont have real names, e.g the whole dutch team is made up and mutu is still called murgi so in this thread im going to help everyone re-name them all, its a big job but...
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    UEFA Euro 2008 released in Europe

    i got it this morning before work but havent had a chance to play it, i got it on PS3 btw, im sure its going to be awsome, just like the demo
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    52 Teams in next gen but current-gen get 53?

    well from the recent videos i have found out that every team that qualified is in plus England Ukraine Albainia Finland Norway
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    52 Teams in next gen but current-gen get 53?

    hey guys if you look at the run down, XBOX 360/PS3 seem to get shorted one team? anyone know which it is? also it says that 8 "offical" stadiums are in the game but iv seen footage with the berlin olympic stadium which is Germany's home ground in qualification games, so does anyone know which...
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    Watch Replys

    hey guys im from Australia and i cant access my saved replay's on the website, it doesnt recognise my username and password ? anyone else from a country that you cant select on the website able to do it?
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    FIFA 08 Tips, Hints, Strategies

    i dont like the way you have to stop penltys, its basicaly exploiting a glitch and not trying to play the game - another note, with the free kicks you didnt even speak of curve, its the best way to score free kicks iv found, from what iv seen so far you sort of explain how to expose weaknesses...
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    Starting a PS3 Soccer Gaming Forums Online League.

    bummer so looks like there is no more league?
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    Players to buy...

    bojan and dos santos from barca, you pay 3.5 mill each
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    Editing in Fifa 08 for PS3

    yeh you can edit the players, like what boots they wear, but you cant change their face, but you can change stats and boots and stuff like that, fifa doesnt have the level of editing you had on PES, im a converted PES fan too, the game play is just so much more realistic its worth taking some...
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    Starting a PS3 Soccer Gaming Forums Online League.

    has anyone played anyone yet, i havent looked at the ladder in a while
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    Free Kicks

    you use your stick movement (the left one) as the power bar fills ... im still yet to score one but i hit the post for the 2nd time from a nuts distance, its almost as good as scoring