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Search results

  1. goldfinger

    wichanwoo's Faces

    Great Ederson
  2. goldfinger

    The new forum layout sucks ass

    We will need some time to adjust to the new layout but I like it. It is clean and fast.
  3. goldfinger

    Anyway To Change The Commentators?

    I just randomly use Spanish, Portuguese, German, Italian etc. commentary to make it more enjoyable and less repetitive.
  4. goldfinger

    ballinham's Tattoo Conversions

    Great work, ballinham. Svaka čast!
  5. goldfinger

    ballinham's Tattoo Conversions

    Excellent work, ballinham! If you have time, Johannes Geis please.
  6. goldfinger

    CrazyRabbit's Faces

    Excellent work on referee and player faces!
  7. goldfinger

    UM's Graphics

    It makes the adboards show randomly.
  8. goldfinger

    MIX's Faces

    Great Trałka!
  9. goldfinger

    HONG's Faces

    Please fix this: Files uploaded on google drive - access denied. Files uploaded on your blog - password protected.
  10. goldfinger

    SieL23's Faces

    Excellent quality! Thanks
  11. goldfinger

    Improved Transfer Mod

    Tweaks must be made for player values for young players with high potential: For example: Sane 76/87 rated - requested price 13 mil € (!) Tielemans 76/90 - requested price 19 mil € (!) Solanke 68/85 - requested price 3 mil € (!) With some tweaks this values are more realistic: Sane 76/87...
  12. goldfinger

    Riesscars Modest Edits

    Please upload settings.lua file, or just changes that you made. Thanks.
  13. goldfinger

    Riesscars Modest Edits

    Great job!
  14. goldfinger

    Cesc's Graphics

    Not really; it will only attract Ronaldo nutthuggers (kids). Your thread is one of the most viewed and we appreciate your work. We just don't want to spam "Thank you" etc.
  15. goldfinger

    Ruiorey's TS & Bibs

    Excellent work, ruiorey!
  16. goldfinger

    Munross' Graphics

    Excellent work, Munross! Thanks.
  17. goldfinger

    FIFA 16 Manager Faces

    Great work. Thanks.