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    Adio fifamania.it

    Thank you very much mate, really appreciated!
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    alex1O's Editing v16.0

    Amazing job mate with all your stuff. I think you will need to update the Serie A logo, given that it has been changed on Sunday (because of the new TIM logo).
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    Creation Master 16

    Welcome back Rinaldo :)
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    Revolution Mod 16

    You finally made it! Every year of Revolution Mod you were trying to achieve that and now it's done. Amazing!
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    FifaMania Superpatch 15

    Thank YOU guys for your committment through these years guys, really appreciated. I really doubt there will be a FIFA16 iteration though :( P.S. Added One Drive mirror (link to folder).
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    FifaMania Superpatch 15

    Here it comes! Very late and not as good as gold years... Anyway, enjoy! :) FEATURES: • Rosters updated to winter transfers market for all teams in the game • Graphics updated for all Serie A TIM teams with lots of alternative kits • Graphics updated for all Serie B teams...
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    Language DB Patcher

    Hi guys, after a while I'm back with a new simple (useless?) tool. I made it just for my convenience and given that there are several language db around the game to keep updated, I decided to make it. And now I'll share it with you. You can download it from here: LANGUAGE DB CHANGER DOWNLOAD...
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    CM 15 Beta Test (Bug Reports Only)

    The desktop icon points to the wrong file. "Right click" with mouse, click on "Properties" and change the destination path from CreationMaster14.exe to CreationMaster15.exe.
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    FIFA 15: Ignite Engine For PC

    If ac12 says we will have all Serie B teams, he means that FIFA 15 will be released out of the shelves with all the 22 teams ;)
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    Revolution Mod 15

    Amazing job as always mate ;)
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    FIFA 15 Demo Impressions

    Editing news here: http://www.soccergaming.com/forums/showthread.php?t=190532
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    FIFA 15 Demo Impressions

    Dynamic adboards are called with names (eg. adboards_adidas.big). Those names are saved in the db -> table "dynamicimages".
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    FIFA 15 Demo Impressions

    Dynamic adboards are big files: data/ui/game/adboards/adboard_NAME.big
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    FIFA 15 Demo Impressions

    Of course minikits are back this year. They are here: data/ui/imgassets/kits/j0_ID_0.dds in data_front_end.big
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    FIFA 15 Demo Impressions

    It's the demo, mate. It could be compressed more than what what we will see in the final game...
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    FIFA 15: Ignite Engine For PC

    Yes, big announcements for italian FIFA players this year. New commentary and licensed Serie A TIM (first time ever for this franchise): http://www.easports.com/fifa/news-updates-gameplay/article/fifa-15-italian-commentary-team-pardo-and-nava...
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    FIFA 15: Ignite Engine For PC

    Agree, gameplay is what matters. Anyway Italian Serie A FA has scheduled an announcement for Thursday about a partnership with EA SPORTS for FIFA 15. So there is an high probability (I would say 99,99999%) that FINALLY we will have Serie A fully licensed, with league logo, balls and so on. It...
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    FIFA World Cup 2014 Patch

    You can't do anything, neither can I. We have to wait for MonkeyDragon to fix it. As a partial workaround, you should be able to make it work just changing your dpi settings from screen control panel.
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    FIFA World Cup 2014 Patch

    I have the same resolution problem with WC Station as tute10. It's not a matter of folders or something, it's because we are using FULL-HD resolution with 125% dpi (medium) size I think. @MonkeyDragon: there is an option in Visual Studio that should fix it. Open the Form Designer, click on...