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  1. vishal_india

    FIFA 16 Editing Discussion Thread (Please Read Before Creating A Thread)

    It is irritating finding out where the mistake is happening. I think I will give up now.
  2. vishal_india

    FIFA 16 Editing Discussion Thread (Please Read Before Creating A Thread)

    Yup after further testing I had crash at start of career mode, probably preseason issue.
  3. vishal_india

    FIFA 16 Editing Discussion Thread (Please Read Before Creating A Thread)

    While trying to make a playable league in career mode I found that the nations which have pre-allotted maps should be used. League ID does not matter but I will suggest using MagicalTeamList Id's. I was trying to make Indian League playable under nation India with id 2013 but league failed to...
  4. vishal_india

    Creating New League To Work In Career Mode (HELP)

    UPDATE After shifting the league under China, I was able to start the career mode but I found that there were no fixtures to play, when I went into the fixtures tab it was just showing me the 2019 fixtures and in 2020 there were no fixtures, also I keep getting mail of extra financial budget...
  5. vishal_india

    FIFA Infinity Patch 16 V7.2 (23/24 Edition)

    So I created a 10 teams league with the id 2013. Manually edited the files in compdata (cross-checked possibly 100 times for minor errors but found none). But having crash at the loading screen of career mode, the league works in the new tournament mode. Also, I noticed while using my edited...
  6. vishal_india

    Creating New League To Work In Career Mode (HELP)

    As I said above, I manually entered the data in compdata files and only created the league and teams in CM16 . Also I found that when games use the compdata files edited by me, except few leagues rest of the leagues stuck at manager mode loading screen. Indian League has a crash.
  7. vishal_india

    Can't do a clean install??

    Install the game in a completely new folder then install the FIP 19 and then regenerate with FHL-BH-Editor. After that go to loc folder double click on LanguageDbfix.exe and you are done. Also if FHL-BH-Editor doesn't open, watch this video :
  8. vishal_india

    I could go crazy for this

    Don't change fonts, use the default one or else you will have issues like you are already facing.
  9. vishal_india

    Creating New League To Work In Career Mode (HELP)

    Hie guys, I am into editing after long 4 years. I went through so many threads in the last couple of weeks but unable to run the new league in the career mode, it always crashes, also to note works well in tournament mode. Please note I am using FIFA Infinity Patch latest updated version and...
  10. vishal_india

    CAF Champions League (searching for collaboration)

    Looks great, if you want I can work on the kits.
  11. vishal_india

    FC 24 Conversions (DB, Kits, ect.)

    Hey scouser09, I am planning to use your FIFA 20 converted DB for the new patch, are there any issues with career mode or I am good to go with it?
  12. vishal_india

    Swedish scoreboard

    Thanks bro, I created it from scratch and it worked. Btw I am having Moddingway's mod and that is why scoreboard is in sceneassets folder.
  13. vishal_india

    Swedish scoreboard

    E:\Origin Games\FIFA 16\data\sceneassets\scoreboards\ Is this right location to paste the scoreboard files ?
  14. vishal_india

    Swedish scoreboard

    Intially I changed the font but then later changed it back to champions font and still I am having issues.
  15. vishal_india

    Swedish scoreboard

    Hie guys, hope you all doing good. I was working on a scoreboard with CG File Explorer 16 but I am getting error. In game the textures seems not to load. Please help me out. Here are link to images. CG File Explorer Preview : https://pasteboard.co/IhevLJw.jpg In game ...
  16. vishal_india

    2018 FIFA World Cup Russia Patch - FIFA16,18 or Official Game

    If needed can help with making Asian teams kits.
  17. vishal_india

    Indian Super League 2015

    Great .. btw nivia is new kit sponsor of AtK with nike the kit of Pune City and Chenniyan
  18. vishal_india

    Indian Super Patch 2014

    I am against Indian Super league but will create it for fans like you finds ISL much interesting than I-league.
  19. vishal_india

    ManUtdFan20's Kits

    Hope you recover all your kits. Ok btw I had request for a kit. Below are the images of kits of Mumbai FC , hope you do it. Actually there is a pattern on jersey and I can't do that , that is the reason I approached you. Here you can visit for bigger size images of the below images ...
  20. vishal_india

    ManUtdFan20's Kits

    Are you free bro ?? Need help in one kit :P