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Search results

  1. ByOfisix

    RFA Youtube's faces in FIFA 20

    Hey dude, I love ur Emerson I hope u share someday cuz is awesome! Btw you think you could make Loren of Betis? I tried but looks shit hahaha
  2. ByOfisix

    SGT Kim's Face

    Please make Loren (Betis)!
  3. ByOfisix

    Callum's faces

    Please Loren and Borja Iglesias from Real Betis pls!
  4. ByOfisix

    Karven Faces

    Could u update Fekir faces pls? he need beard and new hair pls!! and amazing work!
  5. ByOfisix

    KST FIFA faces

    Hello dude, I'm a Real Betis supporter and maybe you could make Borja Iglesias face, was the best spanish striker last season please.
  6. ByOfisix

    CrazyRabbit FACES __NO REQUESTS

    I understand u, and is there any tutorial or anything? I love fifa modding and I need to learn :C
  7. ByOfisix

    CrazyRabbit FACES __NO REQUESTS

    Your work is amazing dude! I've got a question but I can understand if u dont want to answer. How you can add 3d beard to a player without beard like Neymar, how it's that possible?
  8. ByOfisix

    Joebro's Faces

    Borja Iglesias of Real Betis pls!
  9. ByOfisix

    RFA Youtube's faces in FIFA 20

    I think that is a face imported from PES
  10. ByOfisix

    wichanwoo's faces

    WTF, how u can import 3d models?! its insane dude, congrats! Could you rework Fekir or make Borja Iglesias, Loren or Joaquin please!
  11. ByOfisix

    RFA Youtube's faces in FIFA 20

    I was but in Fifa 19 you only could change textures or remove hair but that 2010 Lionel Messi adds new hairstyle and I think that's impossible :o is there any way to import 3d hairstyles or faces to Fifa 20?
  12. ByOfisix

    RFA Youtube's faces in FIFA 20

    Dude idk how u did this because I remember with Frosty u cant add hair so, is there anyway to import 3d face or hairstyle models in fifa 20?
  13. ByOfisix


    Insane dude! Could you make Fekir new hair pls? Fifa didnt update it :c
  14. ByOfisix


    Maybe could you change Barcelona Stadium? (I don't think this is possible but..) haha
  15. ByOfisix


    Fucking insane work!! Pitch textures are only for Serie A?
  16. ByOfisix

    KITS 2019-2020

    Harás un pack con todos los kits 19-20 que hayas hecho en un mod? PD: Buen trabajo!
  17. ByOfisix


    I need a fix for black faces for referees :D anyone knows any solution? BTW: Would be great a pitch mod
  18. ByOfisix

    Riesscar's Modest Mods

    Thanks, it's awesome!!
  19. ByOfisix

    Riesscar's Modest Mods

    Insane! Please make Real Betis 19-20 kit!