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    Footballer plays for free at top flight club

    hats off Im playing with him in my next Master League squad .
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    Zinedine Zidane - GOAT?

    every man has his moments ...good and not so good moments --- this man has shown what quality is .................... in true sense of word , this man is a different class of his own , and u cannot comapre him with pele and maradona //
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    All Eyes on La Liga

    if, somehow madrid win la liga, like it or not the credit shall go to fabio cappello, i aint a big fan of him.. also should madrid win the title, do u think beckham should reconsider his move to US, coz even if he has the money, the one thing he will definitely miss is the quality of football...
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    crazy thought

    hi people, here's a crazy thought for y'all. if these were to happen , which of the following transfers would be .....u know...really crazy,really good, and really amazing : crespo - real madrid ??? xavi - Arsenal??? Maldini - chelsea???
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    Champions League - the last 16

    hi people, 10 days from its gonna be the UEFA CL knockout matches , with the draw looking extremely challenging for everybody, this draw has potential to pull off upsets as well as matches with strong competence, here is the list of 1st set of matches: {all times are GMT} Tuesday February 20...
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    Brazil vs Portugal [P+R]

    february is here folks and i cant wait to see brazil take on portugal at emirates stadium , fast becoming the home for beautiful football [ not many goals though, but still :$ ] it will be more interesting to see how portugal play their game than brazil , i dont know why, but 1 things for sure...
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    lampard vs gerrard

    and now the petr cech issuse has come up , how many of u think the injury to cech was an accident or an intentional one, i think it was intentional , coz the player could have just stopped his run , reading knows they r playing against chelsea and when cech came to the ball , the reading player...
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    lampard vs gerrard

    apart from players , the ones who curse the "divers " the most are the medical staff, especially the staff persons responsible for bringing the stretcher on the pitch ........its like this - the player goes down amazingly in a theatrical fashion with all the expressions of pain on his face, ref...
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    lampard vs gerrard

    but the real question is : why do players dive - is it because they want to show the confronting player that u may be more talented , but he is much smarter to win free kicks or penalties, or is it just something that he can do amazingly consistently throughout the game? (6)
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    lampard vs gerrard

    perez must be wondering what he was thinking while saying that about makelele, anyways there are many more unsung heroes in the football world that we dot know about, so any names, be it players, managers , staff anyone else who u know of or read somewhere, do write about them. :jambo: another...
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    lampard vs gerrard

    yes, maybe u r right , everyone talks about these great creative players , but not about someone like makelele , i think he is a very instrumental player playing in a very important position for chelsea , even real madrid have not been able to replace him in their squad so far.its like having a...
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    lampard vs gerrard

    ok, trying to drift a little here , how wud u like to see gerrard lampard and ballack in the same team!!
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    lampard vs gerrard

    anyways we all now know that gerrard has the upper hand of the two , even considering the fact that liverpool is doing an "arsenal" this season losing matches, but try comparing lampard and ballack , both of them , some time ago were anchor players at their clubs { Chelsea and Bayern } , but...
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    lampard vs gerrard

    hi people , quick poll , who do u think is better among the two, frank lampard for chelsea and steven gerrard for liverpool ; (C) we know both of them are pivotal for their clubs , and also both of them cant play in the same position for england , so which among the two is your favourite , and...
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    whats up with riquelme?

    riquelme ... how can u just write off a player like him , his style of play is different , some might find it attractive , some might not . the main question is - how do u define "beautiful football" / " good football " / "attractive football" ? everybody and every team plays differently , some...
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    whats up with riquelme?

    riquelme is someone very special , his movements are not like that of an ordinary footballer , he doesnt run too much , picks out his teammates beautifully , and remember he played for boca even before he came to villareal in la liga, so u cannot argue with the fact that he is a big match player...
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    whats up with riquelme?

    but it will be very unfortunate , that is for sure , and riquelme going to west ham is just no sense talk
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    whats up with riquelme?

    i heard from my friend that riquelme's thinkin about boca juniors, how true is this folks ????
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    whats up with riquelme?

    wassup y'all , rem here , what s up with riquelme ? he is doing great both on international and club level , is it only that his mother's sick or is there also something else?
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    Hahaha. Ha. Haha. Ha.

    these are all club tactics people , they are like a big working unit , they buy new players not only for their talent but also the way their behaviour and attitude is with towards club , gallas was not in the best of impressions and the just let hime knew that fact , gallas wanted to leave but...