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  1. LabogHirshimus

    Leagues & Teams patch [tokke001]

    Nie można bez awarii systemu Windows, to wciąż jest beta. Możesz grać tylko w przyjazne gry. Bądź cierpliwy, aż tokke zakończy ostateczną wersję. :) Lub po prostu pobierz wersję 14/15, działa dobrze. Przepraszam za mój zły polski. ---- You can't without crashes to windows, this is still beta...
  2. LabogHirshimus

    Leagues & Teams patch [tokke001]

    No, everything is there. It works excellent. That version is completly finished. But you need to download first everything from this thread: http://www.soccergaming.com/index.php?threads/2014-15-patch-for-fifa-11-tokke001.180610/ After that you must download and install new Leagues and Teams...
  3. LabogHirshimus

    Leagues & Teams patch [tokke001]

    tokke001 is doing a great work with his 17/18 season/WC Russia patch rign now, so no need to pressure him. I am sure that, when he finds enouhg time, he will get back to this patch. We need to be patient. In the meantime, You can always download 14/15 version of the LandT. It works excellent.
  4. LabogHirshimus

    Leagues & Teams patch [tokke001]

    I believe that the solution that szczepek25 mentioned might work. I would like to help, but I am a little short with free time at the moment. I did a brief check of the DB in CM11 and I believe that UEFA CL and EL would need to be reworked also, but tokke001 will give the best answer on that matter.
  5. LabogHirshimus

    Extra patches & files (Add-ons) [tokke001]

    Thanks @tokke001 , will try that. My HDD just burned itself (LOL), so I will have to install FIFA from scratch anyways. Your anwser is, as usual, the most common sense and logical approach. :) But, do I have to have 2014-15 Patch installed as a base first? Cheers!
  6. LabogHirshimus

    Extra patches & files (Add-ons) [tokke001]

    Sorry for resurrecting this old thread, but I have a strange problem with some (not all) kits in the Leagues and Teams 14/15 expansion. Some kits don't have numbers on them, but some kind of strange checkboard on their back (see the pic). I have tried to open these kits in the CM11 and...
  7. LabogHirshimus

    Leagues & Teams patch [tokke001]

    Somebody mentioned in this thread before that it might be just too much to have all the 3rd or regional divisions in some countries? First and Second leagues for the major countries would offer almost perfect FIFA career experience. BTW, I am playing your 2014./2015. leagues expansion pack, wich...
  8. LabogHirshimus

    2017-18 patch for FIFA 11 [tokke001]

    @tokke001, great job as always! I know you did heavy edits of the database and graphics, so I assume it is not possible to export a few leagues as a cmp from your L&T db and import them in the 17.-18. db via CM11 without corrupting game?
  9. LabogHirshimus

    Leagues & Teams patch [tokke001]

    I just stumbled upon this, and it promises to becomes the best patch for FIFA 11 ever made! @tokke001, I salute you for the sheer amount of data you collected and processed. :) One question: will the game crash if I try to make a new tournament in CM11? PS: I am holding my fingers crossed that...