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    Bypass 15 Year Career Mode Limit?

    I think there is a way, someone was able to increase the 15 years limit to 25 in FIFA14 so I am sure its possible to do the same in FIFA16, although I honestly dont know how to achieve this.
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    Editing Board Expectations/Season Objectives?

    I see, so I will need a tool to open the database file. Is CM16 good enough for this purpose? If my guess is correct, that I change the team's highest possible objective to Qualify for Champions League, then the board will never ask me to win the league no matter the overall ratings of my team...
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    Editing Board Expectations/Season Objectives?

    I understand, I figured as much too. But anyway its an interesting discovery, and can be used to tweak player demands. Can you tell me what and where is this 'leagueteamlinks' table? I know they are related to team overall, just this year you cant trick the board by placing the worst 11 players...
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    Editing Board Expectations/Season Objectives?

    I see, thanks for explanation, so these values in cmsettings.ini cannot be used to lower board expectations then. And your proposed method doesnt work in FIFA16, it did work in FIFA14 and FIFA15(with a bit more tricks) before. Damn EA fixed what it aint supposed to fix, and yet failed to fix...
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    Editing Board Expectations/Season Objectives?

    Well I find these values in cmsettings.ini may affect how your team is ranked and therefore how season objectives are based. I will investigate into these values and try to see if board expectations can be lowered by manipulating them. [SQUAD_RANKING] FORM_BALANCED=6 FORM_ADJUSTMENT=20...
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    FIFA 16 Editing Discussion Thread (Please Read Before Creating A Thread)

    I have several questions: 1. How many new leagues/teams can you create(without replacing existing ones) before you crash the game? 2. Is it possible to port mods from FIFA15 to FIFA16 using creation master? 3. Is there a way to edit career mode save files?
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    Editing Board Expectations/Season Objectives?

    Well I was wondering if there is a way to edit board expectations/season objectives? In FIFA16 the stupidly ridiculous board expectations are still there, but the line-up trick to lower board expectations becomes impossible. EA really knows how to screw up gamers, its astonishing. This means...
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    Some Questions About Career Mode

    Actually I find out that players at CPU teams grow faster and drop slower. I have a player that dropped 2 overall points in my team at age 28, whom I ended up selling him to Series A and his overall rating has dropped until five years later when he turned 33. Its strange really, but it does happen.
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    How To Edit Youth Squad Player Names?

    Well I need to find the ID of the youth players too, for me I need to get rid of some of them since my career game is glitched, these players can not be signed or released. *sigh *
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    A Strange Problem With Youth Academy

    Well in my games some of the youth squad players I have signed are behaving absolutely ridiculously. I cannot offer contracts to them, nor can I release them from my youth squad, whenever I click on them the message 'player is currently negotiating the contract offer you previous sent him'. The...
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    Why was my thread deleted?

    Whatever, I'd still love to at least receive a civil and reasonable explanation for thread deletion, unless its clearly spam or flaming/baiting... *sigh*
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    Why was my thread deleted?

    lol you must be kidding right? The thread was deleted for no reason, it was not like I asked it to be deleted so why should I thank the one who did it?
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    Why was my thread deleted?

    I was asking if there is a much improved AI tutorial or patch for FIFA14 since the AI is unbearably bad, but it was deleted without a good reason. Anyone mind explaining?
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    Creating New Leagues With New Ids

    Yeah but thats still not an ideal solution, theoretically there should be no limit or at least a much much larger limit for the number of lines that the program can read. Clearly we will have to find a skilled hacker/coder to break into the game's engine and make a patch so that these limites...
  15. C

    Creating New Leagues With New Ids

    Yeah the idea is to force a way to patch the program to read more lines in compobj file, otherwise we are screwed. Since FIFA15 will come out soon, I'd like to see if it will have the same problem as FIFA14 when it comes down to create new leagues/tournaments. If FIFA15 and beyond use the same...
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    FIFA Infinity Patch '14

    I see, thanks for the explanation. I realize the problem is that anything beyond line 1780 wont be read by the main program, so the solution is to break this limit. I wonder though, has this been all the same since FIFA12? If so, I guess maybe hiring a freelancer hacker to patch/edit the program...
  17. C

    Import CEP11 To FIFA14?

    So theres really no way to break this limit? Damn EA, its so annoying screwing up the games...
  18. C

    Need Help Guys !

    I am having the same problem. I tried reinstalling, it aint working with or without the moddingway mod. I can still simulate games in career or tournament, just cant play it myself. Weird...
  19. C

    My Game Crashes After Entering The Match

    Its weird, the game was working for me before but starting from last night it stopped working all of a sudden, it just crashes everytime right before I enter a match(after I select teams, kits and complete team management/tactics for a match). The career mode is still working properly, I can...
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    FIFA Infinity Patch '14

    umm how many more leagues can you create if you do not include a cup for them? I also heard that if you do not create a cup for the league, the game may crash. I am a bit confused. Also I dont think the feature of requesting funds is useful, just transfer all your transfer budgets into wage...