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  1. jedmv

    FIFA Infinity Patch 14 (Official HBZ 24/25 Edition)

    cool to see how you'all contribute to end this game, deleted my addon post just because had a patreon link (which literally no one had donated) without even seeing the patch content. the fact that i've made a fourthy division with 64 clubs working on career mode on base of this confuse patch...
  2. jedmv

    FB24 (football brazilero 2024)

    basically a mod based on last FIFA HBZ (INFINITY PATCH) version -> with 3 brazillians leagues (just serie a updated to today!) this is just a DEMO. expect future releases for bug fixing and finish some transfers updates! (i'll do it in my pace if you want some speed consider donating also in...
  3. jedmv

    FIFA File Explorer 2014

    wow thanks bro! this'll help me a lot