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    G Realistic Gameplay patch

    To be honest, I hardly play the game anymore. Truth is, I'd like to become a writer (in spanish lol). I'm currently working on a short novel and that consumes energy. Anyway, I'm sure anyone here could pick where I left and improve it in ways I coulnd't imagine. I had like... zero Fifa...
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    G Realistic Gameplay patch

    No, it wouldn't make much sense with all these january transfers going on, would it?
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    G Realistic Gameplay patch

    @ Bad Gon17 New leagues with old fashioned stats... ermm... nothing in my patch changes that. Players may behave a little different, but I've imported some teams with old stats, and I was like "oh what the heck, this is something I can live with..." There is only one thing we could do. If only...
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    G Realistic Gameplay patch

    @ Soccom what happened to you is mainly the reason why my file should be considered mostly like an open experiment, rather than a install-and-play package. Unfortunately, changing numeric formulas for stats modifications sucks so bad, it takes sooo many time, and honestly I don't even remember...
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    Sebas Faces 09

    Aguante el cebolla. Amazing faces dude.
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    Liio's National Teams

    cheo, repetí el mensaje en español, yo lo traduzco. Calculo que lo tipeaste con un traductor... el punto es que sinceramente no lo pude entender, y seguramente Liio tampoco. Gracias!
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    G Realistic Gameplay patch

    lol he went MJ on that
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    SaNtOpUz Face Thread(FIFA 09 Faces)

    It's looking good. Say... It's always nice to see guys working on players who could "use a little update".
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    Must-Have Downloads for FIFA 09 - The List

    http://www.soccergaming.com/forums/showthread.php?t=157502 V2 of my gameplay!
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    G Realistic Gameplay patch

    I've just released V2. Download link and patch description in first post.
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    Cinematics Patch 09

    kp40, as far as I know, rain is rectangular, it has the shape of the field.
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    G Realistic Gameplay patch

    First of all, you're absolutely, totally right about career impact on stats. The only answer I can draw is that I don't play careers. I only like playing friendlies. In fact I've only finished 13 games since I got the game, and I play EVERY day. It just that every time I'm playing I see a little...
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    G Realistic Gameplay patch

    Great great feedback, Prekazi81! So far I can tell you this: - Can't do much about stupid penalties, and yeah they happen. The good overall thing about fouls is that they happen more often, the bad thing is that one must be more carefull and clinicall in the penalty area. - I've worked on...
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    Roster Update

    Excuse me, who is #7 Luciano Becchio?
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    resistance players

    I know a way: Fictional example: increasing stamina by 10. STEP 1 - Backup your fifa.db first. - Open fifa.db with DB Master. - Go to 'players' tab and search the stamina column. Order it from the highest value to the lower one. - If any player has 91 or more stamina, they have to be...
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    Roster Update

    Hi, Rudee. Just to let you know about Argentina National Team. We played last WC qualifying match against Chile, and Coach Basile left. Now Maradona assumed, and he's looking forwards to call new players, some of them being Emiliano Papa, Cristian Villagra, Cristian Ledesma, just to name a...
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    G Realistic Gameplay patch

    I don't know... Given the fact that this gameplay patche requires the players database, and of course I don't expect people to just switch databases at this time of the year, maybe the best way to do it is to propose this database modifications and give step by step guides for anyone to try...
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    G Realistic Gameplay patch

    IMPORTANT TESTING! I may have found the solution to an annoying tactical bug! Did you ever notice that, when defending, defensive midfielders step back and nearly become central defending, unnecesarily doing what we call in spanish "relevo" (a player temporarily assuming the role of another...
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    09 Faces by. YoYoCena

    Wow, you shoud think about releasing that Kaka now, or we will get on a plane, go to your house and steal it from your computer while you sleep! Nah seriously, take your time. Great work
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    G Realistic Gameplay patch

    That's a hard question indeed. To tell you the truth, It would take A LOT to recalculate: we shoud add the league into an original database, arrange all the stats changes, save in cmp, and export to the already modified one. But that's not all... if you wanted to decreased free kick...