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  1. gonx15

    Which is the most updated mod to play right now?

    So guys, what do you reccomend me? to install the moddingway, or FIFA Infinity Patch 19? Infinity has faces? I don't have permission to see the Patch Fifa Friends
  2. gonx15

    Which is the most updated mod to play right now?

    Hi guys, I want to comeback to play this amazing game, and I wonder Which is the most updated mod to play right now? I know version 28 of moddingway, but after the departure of ariel, is there any update?
  3. gonx15

    2018 FIFA World Cup Russia Patch - FIFA16,18 or Official Game

    Amazing work Robbie!!! When can I try this awesome mod, is a dream!!!!!!
  4. gonx15

    Turks and Caicos Islands National League

    Thanks a lot!!!! your work is amazing!!!!!!
  5. gonx15

    Kits by NegroSabalero

    Awesome bro!
  6. gonx15

    Random Database

    For me sounds great play with another players like Hattrick.org , because there are many possibilitis for any team, China or Chipre could have opportunities in a World Cup, and this sounds interesting... I would make this like a another mode of the game. What I need to know is how copy the...
  7. gonx15

    Random Database

    Hey guys!! I would like to know if anyone have a database with random players, I mean a database with not real players How could do that?
  8. gonx15

    Copy or export a career mode player

    Thanks for your answer Marcas! But how can open this file with db master? Not is a xml file or db file Sorry for my ignorance
  9. gonx15

    Copy or export a career mode player

    Hey guys! I need to know if is possible to copy or export a career mode player to a any database, how to could do that?, for example any youth player created by the system random of the mode. Thanks guys.
  10. gonx15

    verdun's Kits

    come back verdun!!
  11. gonx15

    Stark Resilient v2.0

    Thank you very much for the fantasy work! my game is more better with you and Verdun work! thanks mate!!
  12. gonx15

    kits verdun fantasy

    Thank you very much Verdun, your work is awesome! your kits are better than real life! thanks mate!!!