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  1. VitorSouza

    Leagues CMP 2017-2018

    Are you planning to make leagues that aren't in the game? The Brazilian and the Chilean League are 100% accurate?
  2. VitorSouza


    Is Spurs still entering the boards?
  3. VitorSouza


    Hey Spurs, it's possible to put another Brazilian teams who were present on the national page and now are missed there? If I'm not wrong those teams have a page: Piauí, Barra Mansa, Bonsucesso, Bangu, Nova Iguaçu, Socorrense, Audax SP, Capivariano, Ituano, Linense, Marília, Penapolense, Rio...
  4. VitorSouza

    The new forum layout sucks ass

    For me those actual platform it's far better than the older one.
  5. VitorSouza

    Patches with 2006/07 rosters

    Hello. Does anyone have or know any place containing patches with 2006/07 rosters for FIFA 07?
  6. VitorSouza


    I'm back... some updates that I believe it's important to put on Brazil page. Série A to Série B: América (MG), Figueirense, Internacional and Santa Cruz Série B to Série A: Atlético (GO), Avaí, Bahia and Vasco da Gama Série B to Série C: Bragantino, Joinville, Sampaio Corrêa and Tupi Série C...
  7. VitorSouza

    victorhugob15's Kits

    Keep up the good work. A little update: Atlético Goianiense have changed their badge.
  8. VitorSouza

    Looking for a modder to mod FIFA 07. Will pay.

    Sorry, but from what I know some of those features are hard-coded on the .exe of the game and couldn't be uploaded for everyone because FIFA 07 isn't an abandonware.
  9. VitorSouza

    Starting Manager Mode From Season 2004/2005

    Do you want some help with the Liga do Brasil? I have some magazines of the time around here and I think with them it should be able to help in some way. I don't have too much time for it but I believe I could help with it as far as possible.
  10. VitorSouza

    Patch 2016/17 by ElCavegol

    Unfortunately I can't help now because I don't have a FIFA 08 copy. But in the next weeks, who knows...
  11. VitorSouza

    Patch 2016/17 by ElCavegol

    What are you planning to make in the Brazilian league system?
  12. VitorSouza

    CMP´s 2016-2017

    Hello Neri, I've sent a MP for you.
  13. VitorSouza

    Fifa 07 patch 2017 update

    2017 update with Académica de Coimbra in the Primeira Liga?
  14. VitorSouza


    Today FIFA 07 complete 10 years of existence!
  15. VitorSouza

    victorhugob15's Kits

    Hello Victor, do you know if exists a tutorial to paint those kits?
  16. VitorSouza


    Maybe you have to post a little bit more. I don't know if exists a minimum of posts to create a thread.
  17. VitorSouza

    2016/17 Promotion/Relegation Patch [CMP]

    Hello NaFer, can I send some doubts that I have about the edition of the game?
  18. VitorSouza

    CMP´s 2016-2017

    What are you planning to make of the Brazilian league system?
  19. VitorSouza

    Valadão's Kits

    Glad you're back with the brazilian kits for FIFA 16.
  20. VitorSouza

    Lucas Hellrigl Editions

    This patch will update all leagues of FIFA 07? Will include the Brazilian lower league teams? I can help with some logos in FIFA07Editors' style.