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  1. JotaHN

    [MOD] Costa Rica Classic Patch

    Also, I've been restoring the logos in Illustrator, since there's no HD version for them, and I want them to look cool for the patch
  2. JotaHN

    [MOD] Costa Rica Classic Patch

    I have now almost everything from 1921, I just need to make the faces and make tournament mode work. I'll finish the 1921-1930 seasons first and then I'll do research and start creating the ones from the next decade and so on If I find a way to create the stadiums from that era I'll do it...
  3. JotaHN

    [MOD] Costa Rica Classic Patch

    So, I'm creating a mod that includes a lot of seasons from Costa Rica's first division, I'm very excited to start with this, so I want to share my progress with everyone here. For now, I only have a few logos and teams because it's really hard to find the players for some of the old teams...