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    FIFA 15 Demo Freezing Mid Game

    Mostly, I don't know the prices in your country, but in my country 250X is only about 10-15% more expensive and about 50% better, I think it's well worth it, don't you think ?
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    FIFA 15 Demo Freezing Mid Game

    Same here, I have an G3258 @ 4Ghz and I get 3-4 seconds freezes, it looks like it's a GPU problem since, as Prometheus said, when recording with Shadowplay they get more frequent. I also have a few friends with i5 that get these freezes, but it's mostly related to 2 threads CPU's, even if they...
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    2013-14 UEFA Champions League Thread

    We are 3 days to go and we'll see if City can overcome a difficult opponent, after they managed to defeat Bayern in the group stage. I predict a 1-1, although FIFA 14 says something else !
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    My FIFA Videos!

    Nice to see someone is still Liverpooling in Career Mode, do you use Vanilla FIFA PC ?
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    World Cup Game NOT COMING TO PC

    PC will definitely not be CG (FIFA 15), since FIFA World is a free-to-play game and it's an improved FIFA 12 PC, it will either be NG or cancelled.
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    [PC] sKeerZ SummerPatch 12-13 "NEW GAME" 1.0 [UPDATED]

    Can you provide us a link with the update .bh data files, since I get a FIFA 12 regenerator error (".big" is missing), please ?! Thanks a lot for this patch !:33vff3o: (Y) Nevermind, after some google searches I found this.
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    Romanian Next Generation Project 12

    Romanian Next Generation Project is FIFAClub's new project, a team formed from tallented editors who are looking to continue their efforts in creating high-quality FIFA patches. The first version of this project is a FIFA 12 based one. RNGP 12 is build around the Complete Romanian League Patch...
  8. M

    Complete Romanian League Patch 12 - Volume 2

    The patch is indeed out, check the first post. ;) Make sure you read everything carefully before installing and playing. Have fun ! P.S. Gamefront mirror ;)
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    Complete Romanian League Patch 12 - Volume 2

    It will replace 2 championships (don't know which ones yet, i didn't work at the patch db), but the word "still" is not quite well used, since Volume 1 didn't replace any league. :) This time, we had to replace them because otherwise 2nd tier teams couldn't get the promotion to the first league...
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    Complete Romanian League Patch 12 - Volume 2

    Beta Version Screenshots * Player faces will look better in the final build. Moreover, the scoreboard design will also be tweaked. + some first post updates + some older screens we've taken 2 weeks ago. Enjoy ! By the way, we also got some new chants for both Liga 1 & Liga a 2-a teams.
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    Complete Romanian League Patch 12 - Volume 2

    DOWNLOAD NOW !!! WARNING !!! READ THIS !!! • Unfortunately, because several new teams have been added, your old career will not work anymore !!! Patch Overview We were very pleased with what we have accomplished in CRLP 12 v1 which was a very great success for FIFA-Infinity team, but...
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    Harder to perform tricks online?

    It depends. I'd say that making tricks online is a lot easier than against Legendary AI, but there are some players that really defend well against them which makes the job harder.
  13. M

    Stadiums 2012

    Why would anybody convert them (instead of converting other nice stadiums that are not present in FIFA 12) when you'll play them in 4 months anyway ?
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    Complete Romanian League Patch 12 - Volume 1

    DOWNLOAD NOW !!! CRLP 12 - Volume 1 has been officially released. Do not forget to read the Installation steps that you can find in the first post AND also do not forget that this is maybe the first ever league patch for FIFA 12, made with somewhat unfinished programs. Enjoy !
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    Complete Romanian League Patch 12 - Volume 1

    No, because you may get the patch before you have maybe expected ...
  16. M

    Complete Romanian League Patch 12 - Volume 1

    Why would you need it it's the original one (I didn't edit anything about it) ?
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    Complete Romanian League Patch 12 - Volume 1

    New feature announced for CRLP 12 - Custom Team Chants Due to this year's FIFA 12 Custom Audio feature, we were able to import some of your team's favorite chants into the game. We're pleased to implement that in our patch, as we always try to make the experience as realistic as possible, which...
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    Complete Romanian League Patch 12 - Volume 1

    Huge news & media content will come up this evening, stay tunned ! :D
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    Complete Romanian League Patch 12 - Volume 1

    The patch will be released very soon ! New info coming out tomorrow. Until then, enjoy the very first set of screens with CRLP 12 (Beta version + low rendering settings in FIFA, we apologize for that)
  20. M

    HD Combination Graphics Here

    Same here, crash after FIFA 12 first logo. :(