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Search results

  1. M

    Tonce's Kits

    The kits cannot be better, outrageous job! (Y)
  2. M

    Ajnapivo's Faces

    Why do you not answer your PM? It's sad that you put me away. Good faces!
  3. M

    wichanwoo's Faces

    Fantastic stuff.
  4. M

    Tonce's Kits

    Quality kits!!!
  5. M

    AmaroWaade's faces

    I would love you to update Anuke's Ibra for fifa 14. Can you do that? :D
  6. M

    AmaroWaade's faces

    Much better Blind with the update :p
  7. M

    Ajnapivo's Faces

    Great work :)
  8. M

    AmaroWaade's faces

    Fantastic work. On Benatia you can sharpen the blurred parts - for example eyebrows and the sides of the beard ;).
  9. M

    krisaju95's Faces

    Very good work, please check your PM.
  10. M

    AmaroWaade's faces

    Fantastic faces! (Y)
  11. M

    aNuk3's Faces

    Can you make this? http://www.imagebam.com/image/bf7ea1360253475
  12. M

    aNuk3's Faces

    Amazing faces mate.
  13. M

    wichanwoo's FIFA 14 Faces

    Very nice. Match face to neck/ears colors on Pirlo.
  14. M

    a_Nuk3's '14 Faces

    Great but Valencia is very bad.
  15. M

    a_Nuk3's '14 Faces

    Impressive work, mate :)
  16. M

    Creating New Leagues With New Ids

    Somebody to have encountered this error - "Object reference not set to an instance of an object." when trying to save after creating a new league?
  17. M

    CM 14 and Other Tools by Rinaldo

    So I make a new league in CM, I go to save and it shows me this error: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. Does somebody know anything about this?
  18. M

    Creating New Leagues With New Ids

    Can somebody provide me with a database editing tutorial? I want to create a new league, but I am not quite sure what exactly to do. Thanks in a advance!
  19. M

    A_Nuk3 FIFA 13 Faces

    Very nice Marcelo, but the neck texture doesn't fit the neck model ... it has 2 Adam's apples now.