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Search results

  1. pao4ever

    FIFA Converter (Models & Textures)

    The file is OK. It's just the size that causes the issue. If you resize it according to 16's dimensions, it will be fine
  2. pao4ever

    BIT Ultimate Career Mode [2006-2016]

    I could help you fix these faces mate
  3. pao4ever

    BIT Ultimate Career Mode [2006-2016]

    blender is the best way to solve it
  4. pao4ever

    Greek Superleague Kits 23-24 by Tsouninho

    sorry mate, they're not even 50% accurate...
  5. pao4ever

    robmar85's National Teams Kits

    Let's hope Greece qualifies, so that we can see the kits made in stunning quality by you
  6. pao4ever

    Faces F16 Alexian!!!

    I will gladly assist you anyway that I can mate. Don't hesitate to reach out to me
  7. pao4ever

    EA SPORTS FC 24 Pc Extract some files

    We need the technique asap mate!
  8. pao4ever

    robmar85's National Teams Kits

    Holy smokes man... it's like a waterfall of quality in here
  9. pao4ever

    FIFA 07 updated English commentary (FIFA 23)

    I guess we can't have this one for 16, can we?
  10. pao4ever

    EA SPORTS FC 24 Pc Extract some files

    Moving the head lower I think is the best solution for the neck problem. Good job mate!
  11. pao4ever

    EA SPORTS FC 24 Pc Extract some files

    exactly, the UV is not that much of a deal to me. I think the wonky weights are the tricky bit
  12. pao4ever

    EA FC 24 Nintendo Switch Update Squad

    Hey mate, do you think it's possible to "convert" the switch cinematics/animations into 16?
  13. pao4ever

    Kits by Lautaro

    Lol that's the team I wanna make the kit
  14. pao4ever

    Kits by Lautaro

    a greek one, of the second division
  15. pao4ever

    Kits by Lautaro

    bah, don't bother mate. it's a very minor thing. but many thanks anyway
  16. pao4ever

    Kits by Lautaro

    hey mate, do you have any template for the Kappa Temporio?
  17. pao4ever

    Redo's Hybrid Faces

    It's actually the same. I just changed the hair and improved the texture
  18. pao4ever

    CM16 with Audio Editing

    hey Rinaldo, is it possible to expand the boots IDs allowed in CM? EA is now releasing in higher IDs tham 255, so they can't be used by the existing program
  19. pao4ever

    RD86 BOOTS for FIFA14

    For me it works perfectly
  20. pao4ever

    RD86 BOOTS for FIFA14

    The real solution is to convert and use 23's socks as well