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Search results

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    FACES KolPlay FC

    This face is converted from PES right ??
  2. E

    Programs & Files [tokke001]

    Where are these images found ??
  3. E

    HM Facemaker - FIFA 14

    I don't think this has a solution, the most recent hair models only have this problem in CM, it's a CM problem I think. Acho que isso não tem solução, os modelos de cabelo mais recentes só têm esse problema no CM, é um problema de CM eu acho.
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    Face(s) Request Thread

    Image from this faces please ??
  5. E

    Face(s) Request Thread

    Lagwagon has,but you have to buy.
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    Faces conversions with FIFA Converter tool and Blender

    @MolchatDoma27 Please indicate the tutorial in which you learned it...
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    Faces conversions with FIFA Converter tool and Blender

    You know how to create faces, why don't you try converting from PES ?? There are many good faces including Ndiaye.
  8. E

    Faces by Jeff

    Don't be like this that friend, this forum made you earn a few dollars selling faces.
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    Faces conversions with FIFA Converter tool and Blender

    Yes, but for FIFA 23 and 24, I saw images of them from the side. There is no converted version.
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    Converting faces to FIFA 14

    I follow Molchat on Twitter and converted these faces with the token tool, but there's always the neck bug. My question is whether whoever downloaded this converted version noticed if there are neck bugs.
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    Faces conversions with FIFA Converter tool and Blender

    For first time is very good. The question that remains is whether you used G.Jesus as a base (because most people use it to make Ndiaye and when you look at the face from the side it is 100% G.Jesus)is if you edited also side.
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    Converting faces to FIFA 14

    Has anyone downloaded it and can you please answer me ??
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    FIFA 14 handmade faces creation --kayuhitam

    In my opinion one little modify in eyes and perfect. You used this pics ?? https://sortitoutsi.net/uploads/media_2024/PtyGq9SFJ14buw9MNPdlMmVvCfhT2y5xajOfGBqU.png https://sortitoutsidospaces.b-cdn.net/images/mC86epDEhdTjG2OpaGr4sQXKv0NUDv4E.jpeg
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    Converting faces to FIFA 14

    I have a doubt, are all the neck corrected without the bug that goes through the shirt ?? I ask this because these faces have already been converted, at least 80% of them.
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    Re upload faces

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    Mega Facepack Big compilation

    Yes, I've already done something for the community and you don't kkkkkkkkkkkkk cry more.
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    Mega Facepack Big compilation

    I have a conversion thread on FIFA 14 and several faces from FIFA 22 and 23 converted by Lagwagon are mine kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk You really don't know anything.
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    Mega Facepack Big compilation

    You add nothing to the community and offend others, @Chuny ??
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    Face Converted by Molchat Doma (Faces that no one asked for)

    But Savio already converted eFootball2024 for FIFA 16.