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    Latest PES6 Video!!!

    THANKS TO YOUR :ewan:
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    Winning Eleven 9 Thread

    thanks you :ewan:
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    New adidas ball

    New adidas ball in we9 thank you :ewan:
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    Winning Eleven 9 Thread

    Thank you dude, great screens!
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    Winning Eleven 9 Thread

    "Winning Eleven Asia Championship 8". Why put them in """World""" Soccer Winnging Eleven... ther good
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    Winning Eleven 9 Thread

    thanks you :)
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    WE9 - August 4th

    What has been indicated through Konami's dealer price listings around a month ago has finally been confirmed officially. Konami's record selling soccer series is going into round nine, kicking off on August 4th, 2005 (once more just around one year after release of the previous Winning Eleven...
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    Eric Cantona

    thankss :boohoo:
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    American fans....

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    [***European Super Patch***]

    good thank you (H)
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    We8 Edit Players

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    WE8:I Demo Feedback

    so thank:)
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    Ronaldinho's "Elastico" in WE8LE? Yes... at least in the intro movie.