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    Remove the Banner and Flag

    May I ask how to remove or disabled banner and flag in the stadium? Thank you!
  2. W

    Classic/Retro kits | Rolls

    Can you make national teams kits numbers such as: Argentina, Brazil, England, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands and Spain. Thank you!
  3. W

    FIFA Editing Tool 21

    May I ask the new FE21 tool can use to Fifa 20 ? Thank you !
  4. W

    Women's Football Patch 20

    Thanks for your new update however I waiting long time that only add three national teams in this update I think not enough, whatever I appreciate your created this mod.
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    FIFA Infinity Patch 20

    How can I make the Adidas All Stars Team and MLS All Stars Team appear again but the FUT Icons A Team and FUT Icons B Team still exist. Anyone can help? Thank you!
  6. W

    FIFA Infinity Patch 20

    FUT Icons Teams A crest miss and kits numbers wrong can your fix, also can you add one more Icons team because only A,B FUT Icons Teams can't show all legend players. Best regard!
  7. W

    Big Classic Players Patch for FIFA 20

    Do you launch to the public version without payment version?
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    Women's Football Patch 20

    Great mod! I greatful your contribution time create this mod for us, may I ask will your add more national team like to Fifa 16 women patch.
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    FIFA Infinity Patch 20

    FUT Icons team A and FUT Icons team B wrong kits numbers colour please fix!
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    Italian League Mod

    Dear. Nevil72 Thank you create this mod, there is some opinion. Argentina home kit number type still not change also Brazil away kit number is worng Best regard.
  11. W


    Hi Fidel I greatful you reply. Another may I ask When does it relaese FAES 19 mods ? also still include boradcast camera ?
  12. W


    Hi Doctor fidel When I use forsty tool set boradcast camera to high angle will appear both penalty area side different like this two photo(use blue colour point out problem)left penalty area side(b photo) small than right penalty area(a photo) have you any method to slove actually this problem...
  13. W

    Doctor+ Productions 18 Exclusive Worldwide Mods & Tools

    Hi Doctor Fidel thank you for you new gp cams mod also edit use to Finalbig tool but I try edit<property name="targetHeightOffset" type="float" value="-8" /> For example: edit to <property name="targetHeightOffset" type="float" value="-20" /> or vaule=50 that not effect can you help me !
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    Doctor+ Productions 18 Exclusive Worldwide Mods & Tools

    May I ask is this new gpcam mod also include broadcast gamecam_height_mod_increment ? I hope that will include. Thank you !
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    CG File Explorer 18

    Hello! I happy CGFE for launch but May I ask one question where camera gamcam height and zoom settings I mean the forsty editor have Broadcasting/attribsys/gameplay_camera_settings but in the CGFE I can't find them anyone can help me ! thank you !
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    GFX MOD 1.0 + New Turfs Mod

    Hi Federico Debla may I asked in this new GFX Mod+ New Turfs Mod have you impove the penalty area size different problem because before i post this question about the right penalty area size(away) good look than left penalty area size(home) during use to frosty editor choice boradcast view...
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    Camera Setting

    I mean if use frosty editor camera setting in boradcast view set to 150 and play in River Plate Stadium (El Monumental) you may see right side(away)penalty area is liitle bigger than left side(home)penalty. sorry I don't how to post screenshot!
  18. W

    Camera Setting

    when I play in fifa series game would choice broadcast setting but is this lastest fifa 18 series when I use forsty editor change the height setting discover both side penalty area shape is different. right side penalty area good look and bigger than left side penalty area any fans help me any...