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    Costacurta's Teams Patches (cmp.)

    Apologies for reviving decades old thread, but i'm assuming no one has saved/archived Costacurta's team patches, the only one i could find on the internet was Shaktar one which works great (alongside AE Larissa), all of the filefront/gamefront (and rapidshare obviously) links are dead (the links...
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    2013-14 patch for FIFA 11 [tokke001]

    Hey i also get lags,freezes and black screen when playing online with gameranger (only with the new gameplay(online compatible),with default gameplay no probs.) Also, it's possible to edit the online database (just to change player attributes) without any problems later in the game (for online...
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    How To Change Budget In For Career Mode

    If you are playing on PC, you can simply change it with Cheat Engine when you enter the Budget Allocation.
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    Is Unlock Edit Player In Career Mode Possible This Year?

    Is there any exact instructions how to edit it and put it back in the .big file? I think i used all possible methods but i didn't managed it to work.
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    Some Questions About Career Mode

    Well, i use Moddingway mod, but i dont use career fixes nor Improved Career Mode from Moddingway.
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    Some Questions About Career Mode

    I think there are answers for this questions already that i'm going to ask,but here they are. 1.When i don't extend contracts with players,they go in free agents.But after starting a new season nobody signs them in the rest of career.I'm not talking about low-end players,but ones with 75+...
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    How To Edit Youth Squad Player Names?

    But how to import career database into main database of FIFA 14? I know you can do it with DBM 14 , but some instructions needed (newbie).