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    Liverpool FC

    Well that was predictably shit.
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    The "I'm Watching _____" Thread

    Totally deserved (H)
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    The English Premier League Discussion Thread

    Was listening to Talksport banging on about this the other day; Klopp is the perfect fit for Liverpool. He is so dramatic, charismatic and entirely-random that it suits Liverpool supporters down to the ground. I'm not sure his style work work as well at Arsenal or Chelsea for instance. Klopp...
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    SG Youtube Button

    Can't I just post the link? Such as: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ
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    What is your nationality?

    I am North Korea.
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    The De Gea saga continues. What went wrong?

    Certainly seems as if United did everything their end but Real got cold feet.
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    The SG Video Games Thread

    Bioshock is all about its story but admittedly it's an entirely linear story. You're essentially playing your way through a movie. Deus Ex movie - http://uk.ign.com/articles/2014/04/21/deus-ex-human-revolution-film-adaptation-is-still-alive
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    The SG Video Games Thread

    Yeah that's a great example. Excellent game based around the narrative.
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    The SG Video Games Thread

    Personally really enjoyed Deus Ex, hated Invisible War and again loved Human Revolution. I think the latter is an excellent example of a plot driven game that has been given real care and thought to. So many single player experiences seem either tagged on the end or are so formulaic they may as...
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    The SG Video Games Thread

    Anyone played Wolfenstein: New Order? Just started it and it seems bloody fantastic. Very immersive but also completely plain-old-FPS style. Also, refreshing to see a development team focus entirely on a single player campaign.
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    Liverpool FC

    Decent start, some dodgy decisions but we'll take 6 points from 6. Hopefully we can get Sturridge back soon and partner him alongside Benteke.
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    Liverpool FC

    Predictions for this year? Reckon we'll again struggle to break the top four. City and United have both strengthened and Arsenal and Chelsea will be strong again. Can see us finishing above the rest though. Having said that, with the start we've got I'm not sure Rodgers will be in a job come...
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    The Arsenal [2015|2016]

    Bobby you surprised Theo has renewed? Get the feeling Wenger has just played him upfront for pre-season to get him to sign and now he'll be on the wing forever.
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    Manchester United 15/16 thread

    You reckon that's where he'll play?
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    The "I'm Watching _____" Thread

    The "Folha seca", I've learnt something today. Apparently invented by famous Brazillian Didi. Apparently this is how he looked back in the day:
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    Running in the morning (Fitness)

    Man that first post is so fucking douchey. God I apologise for 2007.
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    The 'Raheem Sterling was a bargain' Thread

    I was joking, not sure you are? But in all seriousness think he'll bag a few and assist quite a lot. I doubt Delph will play 15 games though.
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    QotW: Straight to pens?

    Totally agree. For only 90 minutes games I'd keep extra time.
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    The 'Raheem Sterling was a bargain' Thread

    I reckon he'll score 40 goals this season.
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    Liverpool FC

    Gomez has looked great so far and journos seem to think he's decent.