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    aNuk3's Faces

    Alright, seems legit. i can understand that. :jap:
  2. M

    aNuk3's Faces

    Wow, the quality of your work is really unbelievable. Awesome! I love how you try to keep the original EA-Style, this will result in much better and much more believable ingame results. Great! Would you mind sharing how you are creating these faces? I tried some myself, but I am farfarfar away...
  3. M

    aNuk3's Faces

    Wow! That's incredible! :o Especially your Can ist outstanding, amazing! I hope that's at least partly due to the new tools, that all of us will be able to use. ;-)
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    BFL TEAM's Stadiums

    Are there any plans for creating other Bundesliga stadiums beside Borussiapark?
  5. M

    Face(s) Request Thread

    So few? I wish they had put as much effort in recreating the Bundesliga as they did for the Premier League... Hope to see some nice Bundesliga faces in this forum, now, that most Premier League ones do already exist. I will however try to work on some faces as well, when the right tools are...
  6. M

    Stadiums For FIFA 13 by Poliphemus & Friends

    Wow, awesome! Thats really an unbelievable piece of work. :bow: You said: "There is small details to be finished after the lights(coach lines, some textures etc.) and instalation program too." Do you know how long this will take?
  7. M

    Stadiums For FIFA 13 by Poliphemus & Friends

    This will be awesome! Hope it won't take too long anymore. :)
  8. M

    Ohohohyaya's Facepacks

    Ohohoyaya, maybe you could try to combine the hair of El Shaarawy with an existing one, cause it looks a bit wired. Nevertheless, it is a very good work.
  9. M

    CoolerMaster's Faces

    You are improving a lot, very good!
  10. M

    Yakovos' Goalnets

    What impolite idiots are you guys? :facepalm:
  11. M

    Stadiums For FIFA 13 by Poliphemus & Friends

    Thats right, but they really aren't meeded. You won't be able to look at the stadium from such a perspective ingame. I'm still looking forward to this amazing piece of work. Can't wait to play in it ansmore. I hope it won't take to long to finish it...
  12. M

    Ohohohyaya's Facepacks

    A pity... But nevertheless awesome faces.
  13. M

    Ohohohyaya's Facepacks

    Awesome faces! Did you create some Bundesliga faces, too?
  14. M

    Themarx360hd2 Faces For FIFA 13

    I want to add, that it is his hair from Fifa 12. In Fifa 13 he has long hairs.
  15. M

    Stadiums For FIFA 13 by Poliphemus & Friends

    Looks awesome too! And has just 85.454 seats. :D
  16. M

    Stadiums For FIFA 13 by Poliphemus & Friends

    Awesome work, I can't wait! Come on, these 35000 are no more problem! ;)
  17. M

    Faces by M.S. - Bundesliga

    Yes, I know. I will have a look at it.
  18. M

    Faces by M.S. - Bundesliga

    Thanks for your feedback! I made some updates, do you think I could still improve something or is it finished for release?
  19. M

    FV.Bart Face's

    hey mate, I think you will like this thread: http://www.soccergaming.com/forums/showthread.php?t=182324 I'm also a fan of Werder Bremen and the request is by me. Now I start to create some faces by myself.
  20. M

    Scoreboards by DoMiNaToR

    You have to keep in kind, that the grren/white and purple/black bars are the colours of the two teams. So it is everytime different. Maybe you should delete that.