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    ACF Fiorentina Thread [2007-2008]

    Nice to have a Fiorentina Thread, here. You guys are m favourite Italian Team since the Days of Rui Costa. Good Luck with it.
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    Africans finally seen as equals in Spain

    Wow 5 mistakes in 4 lines. Do you even have the slightest clue what you're talking about?
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    Portuguese SuperLiga 2007/2008: Week 6

    WEEK 6... SL Benfica - Sporting CP 1 ......... 1-1 FC Porto - Boavista 1 ................ 2-0 E. Amadora - Maritimo X ............ 1-1 V.Setubal - U. Leiria 1 ............... 3-1 Nacional - Naval 1 .................... 1-0 Belenenses - P.Ferreira 1 ........... 1-0...
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    Feel good songs

    can't see what exactly is bad about that song...
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    The Evolution of Pop

    I guess you're listening to cidade fm ;)
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    What am I eating?

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    The Evolution of Pop

    Is it just me or has Pop Music become better and better in recent years? Atleast In Europe that is, as I have no Idea what's going on in the US. I remeber that I hardly ever listended to radio 4-5 years ago, while as of late I find it quite enjoyable. I like all the Timbaland and Timbo-esque...
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    Feel good songs

    these are some of the many songs that always seem to make me feel good no matter of the situation... Mark Ronson feat. Lilly Allen - Oh my God Kanye West - The Good Life Farofa Carioca - Jacare, Bebel, Moro No Brasil Ben Jor - Taj Mahal, Mas que nada, Filho Maravilha Seu Jorge - Team...
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    **BREAKING NEWS" Mourinho Has Left Chelsea !!!

    I doubt mourinho will coach this year. Tottenham? you gotta be kidding me.
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    Request for the fans of Glasgow Rangers

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    Kanye vs. 50 Cent

    :clapwap: hooray!
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    RuiCosta's Sig Thread

    wow...and why is that so?
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    RuiCosta's Sig Thread

    Alright, I'm the kid. I'm the one that actually is trying to be somewhat nice to people, be t the internet or not. You on the other hand are a croation punk calling people you've never seen before a bitch and a "kid" not regarding the fact that they are older and, as it seems more mature than...
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    UCL Group A: Porto x Liverpool [P+R]

    so much for 8-1
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    UCL Group A: Porto x Liverpool [P+R]

    crazy :monkey: 1-1 lisandro babel
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    UCL Group D: AC Milan x SL Benfica [P+R]

    0 - 5 Eusébio x 5 ohh...
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    RuiCosta's Sig Thread

    Seriously, "Da Kid" do you really believe anyone will ever do aynthing for you if you're asking in that way? What are you ordering in say....a steakhouse? "Aye garcon, how about you bringin' me a butterfly medium? Bigger than your forehead!" good luck anyway
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    What happened to hqfl.dk?

    vectors (Y)