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    UEFA EURO 2012 - Poland/Ukraine - Play-off's

    Bosnia play significantly better away than at home because of the fact that a playing style with counter attacking football suits the team a whole lot better. We lose a pro free kicker with Salihovic but Misimovic has been hitting them well recently. It's definitely the match to watch this...
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    [FIFA12] - PATCHES and MODS by Doctor+ Productions (Fidel Gameplay)

    Link to the regenerator isn't working.
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    Lodtweak from Fifa11 possible on Fifa 12 Demo?

    +1, doesn't work for me either.
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    The Community Shield: City vs United [P+R]

    Completely agree. I consider De Gea a rising talent at this stage but nothing more. An unneccecary risk from Sir Alex who would've been better off to get Stekelenburg, a well experienced and top goalkeeper. Roma got themselves a great deal with him.
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    The Community Shield: City vs United [P+R]

    I'm giving City this one. 2-1.
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    The UEFA Champions League 2011/12 Thread

    Bosnia get a tough opponent yet again and an Israelian again. How unlucky can you get...
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    Under 21 Teams CMP

    How many do you plan to make?
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    Newbie Thread

    Lol, you eventually got so pi**ed off at them that you simply had to make this thread, huh? ;)
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    Inter Thread [2010/2011]

    Eto'o's being rumored out, Sneijder as well and with Leonardo most likely heading to Paris, Inter could be entering the same stage as the club experienced in the 90s if they don't get decent replacements. This is not looking good.
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    The Official FC United of Manchester Thread

    That's the beauty of smaller leagues in general. Less predictable, more action, better supporters and so much to fight for. That's why I always love when smaller teams go far in the FA Cup like Crawley did last season. It's always great to see the reaction from the dedicated fans. Respect...
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    U21 european championship patch!

    But that's for FIFA 10 anyways... Really interested in this patch, I wish I had the possibility to help. Would it be possible to create the qualifying and the full tournament on this patch like with the 2010 World Cup patch?
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    The Official FC United of Manchester Thread

    So they did manage to get to the play-offs? If I recall right, they started the season poorly. Too bad they couldn't win there.
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    Real Madrid Thread [2010-2011]

    It's a diabolical plan set up by Real Madrid and the Turkish national team. Turkey gives 10 million Euros to Real Madrid for each purchase of a Turkish player and another 5 million every year for each kept Turkish player. ...Only question is if Özil counts? :S
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    Funny soccer clips

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    FIFA 12 PC=Console

    Only thing I worry about from this news is if my computer will actually meet the system requirements so that I can play the game :S
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    Liverpool FC

    As for the team chemistry, as I previously said, we know that Dalglish can inspire players to do well. And I never said that Carroll was "great", I said that he was good and I stick by that considering his work at Newcastle. We have to wait longer to be able to say more about him in Liverpool.
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    Liverpool FC

    To me, Liverpool have everything that they need to become a team to challenge for the title next year. Dalglish has money to spend with during the summer, the purchases of Carroll and Suarez(especially Suarez) have been good ones and they might completely explode in the next season and Joe Cole...
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    CEP for fifa11 NG ?

    Yeah, that's what I thought, lol
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    CEP for fifa11 NG ?

    I'm not a newbie, I do realize that. Only prob is that I don't have the strength to install one patch, collect into imported CMP's, uninstall FIFA, install FIFA again and CEP and import... and then to find out that it doesn't work. I'll pass on that one but I wouldn't be disappointed anyway. The...
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    CEP for fifa11 NG ?

    Wait, so it is possible to combine the two patches(CEP and NT)?