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    Damone Retro Kits

    can u plz make the Man u kit from 98/99? http://i67.servimg.com/u/f67/14/97/87/35/01122011.jpg http://iamsk38129.weloveshopping.com/store/product/view/MANCHESTER_UNITED_Football_Shirt_Home_Kit_1998_2000_Jersey_Made_in_UK_M_Size!!-12110432-en.html...
  2. L

    CelticManic67 Kits

    nice leister kit you gonna make away and GK?
  3. L

    CM 14 and Other Tools by Rinaldo

    not sure if this right thread to post CM14 problms but here is mine i update my rosters in CM14 (just EPL) and when i save and do into fifas 14 it doesnt work properly for some teams so i go back in CM14 and rostersd messed up like duplicates of same players also i go to import kits and...
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    FIP 15 - New Leagues Suggestions

    THE GREEK LEAGUE we invented the damn sport our league should be first 1 in
  5. L

    Hagi's Kits

    i see where can i downlaod this version?
  6. L

    Hagi's Kits

    TY 1 last stupid question how do i use the Hd kits in CM14? do i need to patch CM14 or something?
  7. L

    Hagi's Kits

    how do i install your kits for zip files just copy and paste into fifa 14 folder in proper location? do i need to do anything in CM14 or anything?
  8. L

    Hagi's Kits

    where is the shorts and bumsp for real madrid kits thanks and awsomw job btw
  9. L

    Squad Updates (Latest) - Non-Moddingway Users

    i tried to use this DB and check CM14 and i dont see any roster changes what do i need to do. i just installed FIFA 14 i havent done any mods or anything yet.
  10. L

    FIFA World Player of The Year 2007

    he isnt on the list because he sucks. he got no moves no good ball control nothing. all he can do is kick the ball thats it cant deak anyone out or anything.
  11. L

    xb360 fifa08: can u chip shot in Pk...?

    here is more http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WkcLvuyoEw8&mode=related&search= this is a chip shot. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LpEJNxnFko8&mode=related&search=
  12. L

    xb360 fifa08: can u chip shot in Pk...?

    heres 2 videos to prove my point. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I9_ZnlJLEII&mode=related&search= http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2YO15e6RMWY&mode=related&search= the shot henry is similar to a chip shot but still different.the other guy some no name player. used a pure chip shot and...
  13. L

    xb360 fifa08: can u chip shot in Pk...?

    what i said is very clear and easy to understand. i never said Chip shot was the same as lob shot. i said players dont CHIP shot on PKs and they use the inside of their foot and softly kick it. in other words just tapping it pretty much with a tiny bit of power. just enough power to make it to...
  14. L

    xb360 fifa08: can u chip shot in Pk...?

    no **** dumbass if you read what i said you'd know that thats what i was saying pretty much. thats not a Chip shot. its a soft shot. Chip shot and SOFT shot are 2 completly different things. and where the **** did i say every single player takes the same shot every time retard? stop *******...
  15. L

    xb360 fifa08: can u chip shot in Pk...?

    no world class players dont chip shot on pks. they use the inside of their foot and lightly kick it into the net instead of a full blast shot. if you knew anything about the game. chips shot are meant to take advantage of goalkeepers who are way out of position. not as a PK shot. only way...
  16. L

    National teams FIFA 08

    PES is ****. only edge it HAD over fifa was 1. graphcis 2. more realistic shooting system. rest FIFA dominates it. PES is so unrealistic its not even funny. its so rigged its not even funny..
  17. L

    fifa 08 xbox 360 headers?

    i score plenty of goals and (and on target) headers on Ps3 Demo. 1 trick is to wait till the ball is about to hit your head before you press the shoot button. also your body has to be in a good position of where the ball is going toward ur head. for example if your player has to jump and can...
  18. L

    xb360 fifa08: can u chip shot in Pk...?

    only a retard would chip shot on a PK so its logical that u cant chip shot on a pk in the game
  19. L

    SG United - Be fun i promiss :D

    People who are Interested: myx 851 posts DENHIF 287 posts Andrehino087 244 posts elhelmley 147 Posts dule982k 2238 posts me 72 posts only 1 person of the 5 ppl interested in joining is above 300 posts
  20. L

    SG United - Be fun i promiss :D

    it is extremly unlikely you will get a team of 40 ppl let alone 20 people all with 800+ posts let alone 300+ you should make a list of who is interested Than make the team. from their. also get the position (exact position not like Mid or D as in LCM or LM etc) have Liek 3 GK's 3 LB 3 LCB 3...