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    DB Editing Tutorials, Tips and Tricks

    Cheers a million mate will do!
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    DB Editing Tutorials, Tips and Tricks

    Hey guys, I know this is probably a bit unrelated but does anyone know the name of the file where the LOD can be changed? I modded a few years back but I forgot what its called. haha p.s. if anyone also knows what value I should change for high lod would be much appreciated.
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    CG File Explorer 18

    Hi guys, I jusy made the switch to cg18 and am trying to edit an existing squad file. I have used the squads converter to get the db but my tables end up all messed up with bogus entries. Also tried to use that squad online update in cg18 but doesnt let me import a squad file and just gives...
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    aNuke's Faces

    Hey aNuke I was getting the same error as you, but the trick is go into the fifa 18 folder and delete the ModData folder, and then fresh instal from zip both the editor and the mod manager. Worked for me. Let me know how you go.