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  1. MadbaLL

    [DOWNLOAD] Classic Patch 16 v3.2

    you did mentioning wrong :P it should be @ACICOG
  2. MadbaLL

    [DOWNLOAD] Classic Patch 16 v3.2

    @ACICOG there is something wrong with deportivo la coruna home uniform for 2003/2004 season from the back side of it. back side of the uniform should look like this:
  3. MadbaLL

    [DOWNLOAD] Classic Patch 16 v3.2

    if there could a better solution, why not give it a try? i mean the patch can always go back to CG server if something is wrong. the truth is the tool is old and it doesn't work flawless. quick games/kick off games it doesn't work like it should do, so i agree with @ACICOG to try some other...
  4. MadbaLL

    [DOWNLOAD] Classic Patch 16 v3.2

    i tried every tutorial, but i don't get scoreboard change for kick off games. like i said, i would just like to use default scoreboard only in kick off games (exhibition games).
  5. MadbaLL

    [DOWNLOAD] Classic Patch 16 v3.2

    thanks for the pizzaro fix. i assume you are aware that issue exists in whole 2000s database. as for the stadium server, i think different solutions might be the best option.
  6. MadbaLL

    [DOWNLOAD] Classic Patch 16 v3.2

    i would also like to know that. using "help" from CG server didn't work in my case.
  7. MadbaLL

    Help needed for CG Server on Classic patch 16

    hello everyone one. coming from fifa 14 and classic patch 14 where everything works without any issues or troubleshooting, i would be more then grateful if someone could help with tutorial how to use CG server on classic patch 16 with delusional version of fifa 16. issues that occure: 1...
  8. MadbaLL

    [DOWNLOAD] Classic Patch 16 v3.2

    does anyone know how to make server16 work with classic patch on fifa 16 delusional?
  9. MadbaLL

    [DOWNLOAD] Classic Patch 16 v3.2

    correction: *in 2000s database, claudio pizzaro doesn't have a cf (headless).
  10. MadbaLL

    [DOWNLOAD] Classic Patch 16 v3.2

    @ACICOG *2001/2002 bayern munich - claudio pizzaro doesn't have a cf (headless).
  11. MadbaLL

    [DOWNLOAD] Classic Patch 16 v3.2

    can someone tell me what is the "server16.exe" app and its purpose?
  12. MadbaLL

    [DOWNLOAD] Classic Patch 16 v3.2

    finally, after all these years trying to purchase fifa 16, i will be able to play this magnificant patch. a new era for this game and this patch has begun, expect more modders (and also more users) to emerge. also expect some feedback from me in the near future @ACICOG ;)
  13. MadbaLL

    FIFA 16 Origin key!

  14. MadbaLL

    Graphics and Gameplay

    any news about this? :)
  15. MadbaLL

    2023-24 patch for FIFA 11 [tokke001]

    @tokke001 i was wondering, could you create a classic patch for fifa 11 in the future, with clubs and national teams from 90s and 2000s era?
  16. MadbaLL

    Classic Teams Patch (WC 98, WC 02, WC 06, EURO 04, EURO 08)

    than this is not classic patch in its general meaning, this is "national teams" classic patch only, since i thought your goal was also to make club teams eventually.
  17. MadbaLL

    Graphics and Gameplay

    yes, please, thank you!
  18. MadbaLL

    Graphics and Gameplay

    @Blds11 can we use gameplay mod with classic patch 14 or it will mess something up with cp14 files?
  19. MadbaLL

    FIFA 08 + EURO 2008 Conversion to Fifa 12 [WIP]

    to be completely honest, for me fifa 14 pc version is a bad game. almost no fouls, some wierd and broken animations and collisions, it's hard to make precise sliding tackle on opponent's player... i could continue with this. on pc, fifa 11, 12, 13 and 15 are better games, gameplay wise. even...