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Search results

  1. D

    France has the gayest football clubs - the evidence

    hahahahah now that's just screwed man. lol at the 'no one likes Brest' x)
  2. D

    cep 12?

    wont be made cuz we cant add new leagues and we dont want to replace.
  3. D

    First Edition eXcPlus from Lima PERU in FIFA12

    Ligucha ? já, asshole !
  4. D

    Bernd & MyFHL Editing

    bet that n**** dont even know what a wanksta is.
  5. D

    Complete Romanian League Patch 12 - Volume 1

    hey bro, quick question. what's the size of the league logos this year ? 256x256 ? 512x512 ? and how about trophies ? same as last year? Best regards man :)
  6. D

    FIFA-ASIA World Tour 2012 ( 90 +National Teams patch)

    OMG. learn to wait. it'll be done when it's done, period.
  7. D

    Malaysia Leagues Patch for FIFA 12 PC

    I'm up for it if u want bro =)
  8. D

    unit37 kitmaking thread

    guys keep it english plz
  9. D

    ULTrAEPL's Barclay's Premier League >{Optimized}<

    I mean; make ONE thread for all your files. You confused people if you have 3 threads with similar names and different files.
  10. D

    ULTrAEPL's Barclay's Premier League >{Optimized}<

    seriously, can u stop makin a thread for every s*** u make ?
  11. D

    New Maker's kits

    hahahahaha lol
  12. D

    Malaysia Leagues Patch for FIFA 12 PC

    hey man have u tried addin young players ? like it used to be in fifa 10 where u needed to add young players to make the game work properly ? Just an idea bro ;)
  13. D

    Complete Romanian League Patch 12 - Volume 1

    have u tried to add young players ? like it used to be in fifa 10? maybe the crash lies there, and not somewhere else. happened to me in fifa10 creating CEP. just my 2 cents here
  14. D

    Uefa Champions League and Uefa Europa League 2011/12 patch

    Shakhtar can't have 4.5 stars. They should be 3.5, 4 maximum.
  15. D

    Good news for face editor----by Rinaldo

    its name is RINALDO, not ronaldo.
  16. D

    anyone playing with this major bug of fifa 12??

    they change for me. weird.
  17. D

    Complete Romanian League Patch 12 - Volume 1

    u have a pm bro :)
  18. D

    So then

    that's why I call a lovely cat :)
  19. D

    Creation centre files

    **** u, u're the newbie that doesn't know how things work in here.
  20. D

    T-Mobile Ekstraklasa (Licence Patch)

    how do u import the logos ? just copyin' and then regen like in fifa11 ?