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    African Cup of Nations 2017

    great self talk there. is it that difficult here to find someone interested in the african cup of nations? something to talk with yourself.
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    Some guy made all time line ups for 120 teams

    he's very much like Roy Makaay. and for me Makaay is one of the greatest and the most underrated forward ever.
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    Premier League Champions 2017-18

    maybe it's not me.
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    Premier League Champions 2017-18

    true. I heard less than intelligent people get a good night's sleep because they can't really comprehend things that could cause worry around them. is it right, Sir_Didier_Drogba?
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    Premier League Champions 2017-18

    tell me you would be that cheerful and witty if, god forbid, your police would have to collect body parts from the roof of the Stamford Bridge. (yeah, we did experience that. and I was inside the 5km radius when the explosion happened) terrorism is never against a nation, it's against...
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    Premier League Champions 2017-18

    I think you lot should fuck off and leave the forums alone. so maybe it'll rise from it's ashes.. more than 48 hours have passed since the latest reply in most of the forums..
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    real madrid thred

    this is the biggest pile of shit I've ever heard from you.
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    Premier League Champions 2017-18

    the game, for a chelsea fan, was as good as having sex.
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    Premier League Champions 2017-18

    the game was as good as having sex.
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    Premier League Champions 2017-18

    attempts was 20-1 at one point. I watched the second half, chelsea were excellent. I've only seen courtois twice. I kost my track on the EPL, is it that chelsea plays so damn well or everton is a mediocre team now?
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    How's your football career going?

    fuck off and take your logic with you, az.
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    Horrible miscarriage of justice!!

    I have his personal cell phone number. and no, I'm not kidding.
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    The "I'm Watching _____" Thread

    you know what.. you're absolutely spot on with that, and I cant agree with you more..
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    The "I'm Watching _____" Thread

    either you're chemically castrated or you're boning charlize theron and alicia vikander.
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    The "I'm Watching _____" Thread

    so how about ukranian chicks?
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    Confirmed Transfers

    I've seen several games of him with both naked eyes and on tv. I'm not sure. will he grow up to be a very good leftback? yeah maybe. will he become another fm flop? more likely. but I wouldnt be surprised on both conditions.
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    Pictures from FIFA 17

    you're all going mental over graphics. I cant care less about it. hope the gameplay is good
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    The "I'm Watching _____" Thread

    you sound like Iceland NT is something like the English NT, and the English NT is something like the Iceland NT.
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    The "I'm Watching _____" Thread

    where the fuck are you gonna live? or let me rephrase the question, will it be easy to leave England?
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    Building my first desktop

    it's all over the internet. read it, more thorough information is all there. I'll give you some info to give you an idea. SLI setup needs more power, unless you have a pretty decent power supply you're gonna brick your system. SLI means roughly %60 on one gpu and %40 on the other. so you'll...