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    Calvarez's 16

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    Calvarez's 16

    Excelente Carlos! Ya con ganas de ver los nuevos uniformes de Nacional en FIFA :)
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    Previous Seasons Career

    It could be pretty nice, seeing how playing career can get so easily boring
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    Previous Seasons Career

    Hey guys, I've been thinking it would be great if you could play career mode starting from previous years. For example, you start in 2004 with Barcelona and Messi as a young prospect and Ronaldinho as a world star and play until now, with Lio as the team's frontman (imagine we could see him...
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    Calvarez's Kits

    Yes! welcome back my friend!
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    Super Evolution Patch

    Hey guys, sorry to bother you, but does anyone know where i can get a working link for this patch? All download links seem to be broken Installation instructions would also be appreciated since its all in Thai. thanks!
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    FIFA 13 Faces

    Hey guys, sorry to bother, but has anyone extracted the new FIFA 13 faces for us to install on 12? Thanks!
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    Nice Ingame Pics

    could someone with the full game plz plz plz upload screens of colombia? tnx in advance!!
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    FIFA 12 faces for FIFA 11?

    Can someone plz export new faces from fifa 12 demo so we can have them on fifa 11? tnx!!
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    Photothread 11

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    The Tattoo Bob Shop

    Can you please make dani alves tattoos?
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    Share your CMP files here!

    Thanks a lot man! cheers
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    Share your CMP files here!

    Can someone please share Shakhtar? tnx in advance
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    Share your CMP files here!

    I dont think its useless either... Anyway, atm i have Colombia national team and atletico nacional, if anyone wants :)
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    Share your CMP files here!

    This thread is for sharing our cmp files, since we can now import them! cheers
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    Creation Master 11 [Official Thread]

    Can someone please tell me how to import kits? when i try to import the images, it messes up CM and when i try to play, the game crashes. Tnx in advance!
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    Creation Master 11 [Official Thread]

    Keegan, how do i export the db with cm11? Where do i get the winter update in .db file? Anyway, i did some editing but when i try to download the latest squads my game crashes... :-( Thx in advanceee!!
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    Creation Master 11 [Official Thread]

    ok i have kind of a dumb do i import the cmp winter update? cant find the import button... :(
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    Creation Master 11 [Official Thread]

    The program says it closed just as i try to open it... help plz!
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    Different face in FIFA and GameFace website :(

    Ok so I have a big problem, i created my face on gameface and it looks fine, but when i import it into fifa it looks sooo weird, like it was a mix between my face and someone else's... HELP PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!