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    Where can I find The Valley?

    Yeah Charlton's stadium sorry I didn't make that clear from the beginning!
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    Where can I find The Valley?

    Just wondering if it's available to download somehwere. Would be great if someone could make it!
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    Post you PES4 ML squads.

    Into my second season with Messina, my squad looks like this: ---------------------------------Etherpoulous (I know I got the name horribly wrong!) Rafael-------------------Conte---------------Zanchi---------Parisi -----------------------------------Mamede...
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    The Wolf FM2005 Option File Update

    Great idea wolf... I have a couple of questions: - Can the players' potential ability (development graph) also be updated from FM stats? - What about special ability? are you gonna keep them like they are?
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    ML Player Guide

    I signed this 17 year old Argentinian winger named "Cardozo". Decent stats to start with but the amazing thing about him is that he improves faster than any other player i have! I just started my second ML season and he already has a couple of 90's in his stats!
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    what difficulty do you play on ???

    I found that if you're good on 5*, 6* is definitely easier. The only difference I noticed is the CPU press your players more, leaving their team very exposed at the back... so for the better players it's easier to create chances and score. I'm playing on 5* currently. Finished 4th on my...
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    FIFA Street Screenshots at FIFA Benelux

    I'd love to see the legendary steel cage included... with Eric Cantona as the ref! That alone would convince me to buy the game
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    The Wolf Furry Evolution Option File 1.9 - PES4 PC

    I noticed something similar with Emre Belozoglu, he's called "Emre Asik"... not a big problem though.
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    so hard to buy players!

    I don't see the point in using the default players if we can use real players... it's much more enjoyable that way. If you want a challenge just pick some crap team like den haag with real players and work your way up :rockman:
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    Important - Option File Update

    Jaidi should start for Bolton alongside Hierro in defence.
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    PES4: why are my centre backs are so crap?

    Offside trap is the way to go. I've been using it successfully since PES3 and I always used to frustrate my mates when they play against me. I understand that some people don't like using it so if that's the case try defending deeper and pack the midfield to block passes.
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    PES4 PC Online League

    Anyone? Please? Which ports does the game use for online play? Don't make me start a whole new thread about it!
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    No way to play online behind university firewall?

    I'm behind a university firewall as well... the only thing we can do is find out which ports the game uses for online play... then beg the network administrator to open those ports.
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    Has anyone tried...

    Mario Alberto Santana is a really promising Argentinian AM RL... In my game he's doing well at Sampdoria although I forgot which Serie A team he starts the game with.
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    Has anyone tried...

    I signed this young brazilian defender for my Inter squad called Naldo. A couple of years on he's now already a first-team member, and I'm hoping he'll be leading my defence alongside Burdisso when Cordoba and Zanetti retire. Really impressive stats overall (especially physical) although...
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    PES4 PC Online League

    So does anyone know which ports the game will be using for online play?
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    PES4 (PC) impressions thread

    My impressions on the game so far: - Dribbling does seem a little bit harder but that's good because now it requires more skill to go past players. I also like the new R2 move i.e. when you're running down the wing, let go of the directional pad and press R2... the player will stop as if to...
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    FM05 *Offensive Player Guide*

    Absolutely brilliant... In my game as Inter, at 32 he's still the player with highest average rating in the Serie A... also won goal of the season award :rockman:
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    FM05 *Goalkeeper Player Guide*

    NAME - Leo Franco AGE - 25 NATIONALITY - Argentinian CLUB - Atletico Madrid VALUE - a bit over £10m but well worth it VERSION - Full COMMENTS - IMO easily the best keeper in the game.
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    Most Overrated Players and Teams.

    Players - Rooney by a mile. Milan signed him for almost 40 million POUNDS (yeah right!) and his stats are out of this world. Teams - Arsenal, IRL they wouldn't even be considered as serious Champions League contenders, no matter how good they are in the Premiership. In my game they won CL a...