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    First fifa 12 details!

    That's good news then. Did anyone make out which stadium can be seen in the new trailer at 0:25?
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    First fifa 12 details!

    If this is true, it's weak.
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    First fifa 12 details!

    They are from Vancouver. EA's from Vanocuver, too. That's what makes them so great.
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    First fifa 12 details!

    Wow, so it's confimed now, after Whitecaps and Juventus stadium the third new arena is Etihad Stadium. Thanks for posting!
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    First fifa 12 details!

    Yeah, good find!
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    First fifa 12 details!

    Lol, after all these years of Delle Alpi. Keeping fingers crossed for Bay Arena...
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    UEFA Euro 2012 qualifying patch

    Wow, you really managed to convert the stadiums from the console game, what a success for the pc-community! I'm impressed, great work!
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    Veggt's workshop

    Good work you're doing! I specially like the way you're doing your minikits, you know adjusting the texture layer to the curves of the template is done pretty well. Also, interesting choice of teams to edit, sure haven't seen that much of these yet. Keep it up!
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    First fifa 12 details!

    Seconds of gameplay would prove nothing, since FIFA 12 still looks a lot the same. In my opinion the menu screen is probably the most striking argument you can get (besides an official announcements of course). Moreover, what sense would it make for EA to show some guys playing a version of a...
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    First fifa 12 details!

    Where does he say that?
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    First fifa 12 details!

    It seems like the PC version is really going to be on par with the next-gen consoles. Check out that video posted recently on (0:27): This guy is clearly playing FIFA 12 on a pc. Look at the menu structure, it's...
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    Quick Team Creator

    You did it! Congrats for the release of this brilliant tool! ;-)
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    Quick Team Creator

    Maybe do some lower league team which is not yet in the game. Something exotic would be cool, too (e.g. Japanese 3rd League team?). :-)
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    Quick Team Creator

    Good job, great to hear from this project again! (Y) Looking foward to the screenshots... Btw, I heard that kits get saved in .cmp, but somehow don't get imported. Haven't checked that by myself though.
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    Celtian's workshop

    Very very good work here!:cool: I really appreciate your productivity and hope you can keep this up!
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    FIFA12 screenshots, official news, reviews and videos

    That's just FIFA 11 with Vancouver Whitecaps, what's the big deal? It's old, too...
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    Suck that Internacional

    Besides Inter. ;-)
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    Hidden clubs (its logos are here)

    Good find, but.... Wow that's weird, what sense does it make for EA to even make ng-style logos for these unused teams they probably don't even have licenced? BTW, even weirder is that one of these teams actually appeared once in a recent FIFA. Mamelodi Sundowns have been in FIFA 08 for one...
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    D4W3R's Graphic Parade [Enjoy]

    Keep it up, tey're really nice. :-)
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    2018 world cup bid

    Wow I'm really surprised about Qatar getting it. And with a result like tihs rumors about bought bids won't stop any eralier. BTW, Thumbs up for Russia. (H)