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  1. dissectionalone

    FIFA 19 News and Suggestions

    I might be totally wrong here but I've never noticed any sort of "official" or even "officious" (does that word even exist?) position stated by EA regarding modding (like I said I might be completely wrong) but I assume their position is the same as pretty much every developer regarding mods...
  2. dissectionalone

    Fifa 15 Goalkeeper behaviour for Fifa 16

    Have to test that out :) Thanks, mate Cheers
  3. dissectionalone

    Fifa 15 Goalkeeper behaviour for Fifa 16

    First and foremost I apologize to the mods if they find this thread unnecessary, but I was wondering if anyone knows of any mod to make Goalkeepers in Fifa 16 behave like they did on Fifa 15, you know like real goalkeepers who step out of their goaline when an attacker finds itself in 1 on 1...
  4. dissectionalone

    FIFA 18 News & Discussion

    The clubs are actually the ones to blame for signing those silly exclusivity deals, as it will mean less brand exposure because by becoming exclusive they are preventing their own brand from being shown to a larger audience. I don't understand why EA bothers with licenses nowadays as all they...
  5. dissectionalone

    FIFA 18 News & Discussion

    Honestly, I've tried both demos and neither felt like much to write home about. PES 2018 lighting looks nice though. So far I'm hating defense control (more like lackthereof) in Fifa and the set piece camera is god awful... WTF were they thinking? I know a lot of people complained about the free...
  6. dissectionalone

    2016-17 patch for FIFA 11 [tokke001]

    Sadly, no. Even back when I used to actually code my vb knowledge was never up to par. Have you tried inspecting arianos' python scripts for Blender? Maybe from those it would be easier to come up with something that would allow the conversion of a fully custom mesh object to rx3 Cheers and...
  7. dissectionalone

    2016-17 patch for FIFA 11 [tokke001]

    Nice to see you keep adding new patches, mate :) Did you discover anything else about the various Rx3 files? A while ago I've stumbled upon Ninja Ripper and read it can rip meshes from games with bones. Unfortunately I haven't tested this at the time and these last couple days i've decided to...
  8. dissectionalone

    Revolution Mod 16

    Really enjoying the latest version, bro :) The new kit features are the icing on the cake :D I've got a question: How would the script differentiate next season kits from their tournament variants? I mean for example, let's say you have a team still on the 2015 season and that team has a...
  9. dissectionalone

    Adriano's Numbers & Letters

    If you're running the latest version of Revolution Mod you just need to look in the documentation of the mod how to name the fonts properly. Everything is explained there and there are even some examples. If you search for "specificfont" inside the documentation you'll have what you need to...
  10. dissectionalone

    Adriano's Numbers & Letters

    Don't install them using CM... Use Revolution Mod and it's naming convention to get stuff assigned automatically to the teams. It's a lot more practical IMO. Besides, if you don't use the Mod, The BPL font or any font assigned by CM to a team will be the only one displayed, regardless of...
  11. dissectionalone

    Revolution Mod 16

    I've never tested this as I usually don't use the set kit details assignments unless I'm forced to by the game due to some issue loading the proper graphics... I usually prefer to use the automated feature of the game, naming the objects correctly and letting the mod load stuff on it's own
  12. dissectionalone

    FIFA 16 PS (DS) Button and Trainer Next Tuning Patch

    This is an amazing idea :) Been wanting to have PS buttons displayed in game since forever ago lol. I play fifa with a DS3 (hate the bloody xbox controllers) Good job, mate. Highly appreciated :)
  13. dissectionalone

    LTH's Faces

    I would say AmaroWaade has quite of a headstart, because that face looks killer just as it is, bro. Not sure how much improvement it can get. Great job :)
  14. dissectionalone

    Graphics by Ron69

    Some people complain about small stuff and make demands as if they were the bosses of the creators or the modders who share the work. If you don't have the patience to wait for fixes nor the politeness to point out what mistakes you find you should learn to use photoshop and get your own stuff...
  15. dissectionalone

    kotiara6863's Stadiums

    For any stadium to work in game it needs to either have an entry in the game's database or be assigned using shawminator's file server. Just placing the files in the Fifa 16 folders won't make the stadiums work.
  16. dissectionalone

    FIFA 16 3D Model Importer/Exporter

    Considering the script was initially meant for blender 2.72 (is that it?) it's not a shock that it might not work on 2.77
  17. dissectionalone

    SieL23's Faces

    Amazing that face of the "prophet" Hernanes, bro :) Dybala and Caceres look sick as well :)
  18. dissectionalone

    CG File Server 16/decommissioned

    If you're using the file server you must have had a settings.ini as the tool requires it to work... So the line "I don't use setting ini!" is totally incorrect. You have two choices as far as I know of to make assignments: insert them directly in the settings.ini file or use the tool with the...
  19. dissectionalone


    iard, do you have any idea how Rinaldo's tools sort the indices in the models? (for converting head models I mean)