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    Can you convert the new face of Daniel Podence (Wolverhampton Wanderers) from Fifa 21 to Fifa 20?
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    Fatalinho Facepacks

    Anyone here has the real face for Daniel Podence from Wolverhampton Wanderers?
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    Fatalinho Facepacks

    No, i'm not. I can't use Discord for some unknown reason. Do you have the file? Can you please kindly share the link here or to my email address?
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    Fatalinho Facepacks

    hi Fatalinho, your Rabiot short hair link on mediafire is dead. Can you please kindly replace it? Anyone who has it can share it for me? Many thanks
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    Classic faces for FIFA 20 by shadow_boy32

    This looks sick. Phenomenal work, man. Just like a completely new version of Fifa. Keep it up (y)
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    [HELP] How to change face ID in fmod files?

    Thanks so much Achilles, you saved my life. It works like a charm. God bless you.
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    [HELP] How to change face ID in fmod files?

    Well, I placed the Cucurella.fbmod above MPR 5.0 the entire time! I didn't know the meaning of the order of this list. I'll try it now. Hopefully it will work.
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    wichanwoo's faces

    Your Van Dijk looks incredible. Keep up the good work, mate (y)
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    [HELP] How to change face ID in fmod files?

    Hi guys, I'm new to this forum. I have been creeping around here for quite awhile and have been using a lot of amazing facemods from talented facemakers here as well as some others i found on Google. I really appreciate their hard work. However, there is some issue that I need you guys to help...