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    Stadiums problem

    Hi guys, I started to convert some stadiums but when I get it all done I end up with this issue with the adboards
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    Released: F4F stadium converting pack 2010!!

    Hey man, I could convert a stadium for FIFA 10, but I got this problem The adboards don't work, they are kind of messed with the pitch
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    CM10 and other Fifa Master tools - Official Thread

    Here it is, man Download
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    Adboards problem

    Hi guys, I started converting some stadiums for fun, and I converted the Estadio Tecnologico from Monterrey, but I got this issue with the adboards I hope you can help me in this one, thanks beforehand :)
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    CONCACAF Patch

    Hey dude, still working on the patch?
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    Tutorial to convert stadiums to fifa10 by bohemio

    Broken links Hey man, if you have those files, could you reupload them? Please
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    Realistic ScoreBoard Shop

    Reupload the files Hey man, could you reupload these files, please?
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    Hue_42's Kits

    Hey man, looks awesome, but the Jeep logo is in the red strip, not in the black.
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    sorincocor19's Stadiums

    Hey man, when you have a time, can you make Vicarage Road for Watford FC?
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    Twich's Stadiums

    Twich, can you make Vicarage Road of Watford? :(
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    Oh, ok, this code is for all teams?
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    Can you explain? I don''t understand, this code is for the player?
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    spurs81 I can give for you all player names from Liga Bancomer MX clubs
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    Club Tijuana: Goalkeepers: Cirilo Saucedo Adrián Zermeño Sergio Vega Defenders: Hernán Pellerano Edgar Castillo Javier Gandolfi Juan Carlos Núñez Richard Ruiz Gregory Garza Carlos Rubio Midfielders: Fidel Martínez Fernando Arce Joe Benny Corona Cristian Pellerano Bruno Piceno Attackers...
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    hey spurs81, I'm a great fan of your work, I can give for you the player names and the coach names from Flamengo (Brasil) and Club Tijuana (Mexico) can I?