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    complete european patch :)

    You should download the db from the first page of this thread and use it. There won't be problems with names afterwards.
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    complete european patch :)

    And how many more national teams can be installed? How do I check the fat limit?
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    complete european patch :)

    When there is a code in fifa 10 ($1234567890 not found) click on 'remove all long names' in CM10.
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    My patches for FIFA 10 in CMP format.

    Can you provide the link to download the stadiums for ABSA Premiership 2010/11 - South Africa?
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    Da Nang Team Patch(Vietnamese Football Club)

    Thanks for your help. Renaming works. But I can only download Da Nang Patch. Can you upload the 3 others to depositfiles? :)
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    Da Nang Team Patch(Vietnamese Football Club)

    How do I install these CMS files into the game? It's a zip file with .fsh files inside. I only know how to install CMP only.
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    Fifa 2010 World Cup Gameplay Version 1

    Ok ini.big is gone from the zip because that file was entirely created by NKFOOTBALL. I've uploaded another link.
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    Fifa 2010 World Cup Gameplay Version 1

    I did make ai.ini. and locale.ini
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    Fifa 2010 World Cup Gameplay Version 1

    Please enjoy my Fifa 2010 World Cup Gameplay :biggrinx: Info: For FIFA 10 demo or FIFA 10 game :bouncy: After playing the FIFA 10 demo I've decided to change the way it plays to match what you see on tv. Outline of what you would see: -Ball is more separate to the players' feet :bob...
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    Fix for Team Experience bug in Manager Mode

    I would like this released.:D
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    PES 6 World Challenge Final

    Bump :borat:
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    Who officially is the fastest sprinter in football? :sKIp_E: Walcott is fastest at 22.72 mph, which equals 36.56 kph.
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    PES 6 World Challenge Final

    I have been thinking about pes6 and noticed that my option file is not available for download. So here it is (Y) Obviously its for the ps2 as it is in .max. My patch works well for ps2. It's only a roster update with several stats adjusted to the value of...
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    Dear Microsoft

    Hello everyone, I had vista. But couldnt figure how to connect to the internet.
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    New game play for fifa 08?

    Shorelooser's Next Generation Gameplay Patch
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    OHH MY GOD, is this PES6?

    Does it work for the swat 4 game?
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    What's the AI like?

    ON ps2 with my option file...
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    Zombie Movies Thread

    Which ones the best zombie movie?
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    turn off the referee

    It works
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    turn off the referee

    How to turn off the referee thats so annoying and doesnt know where to run or stand? :S THis is the Uefa cl game but woulndt it be similar to this latest fifa?