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    Face(s) Request Thread

    Guys Tolgay Ali Arslan still have scanned face?
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    Stadium Question

    Oh my fail, just two lines in cl.ini WEATHER_TYPE=0 STADIUM_LIGHT_TYPE_ID=3 and its work
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    Revolution Mod 15

    Guys, who i can play everytime in night (BC Place stadium0)?
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    Stadium Question

    Hey guys. I'm play online on the BC Place stadium, and wanna play all time in the night (good fps). I can switch day files on night? Thanks.
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    [UTO] FIFA 14 Faces

    Amazing Cole and Modric! Arbeloa +1
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    FIFA File Explorer 2014

    Hey guys! I'm try install face in data3, so texture, model, hair model installing normal but hair texture not working in game, only green-blue. In CM 14 all working. How i'm install? Compress all files and just import in data3. Regenerate. Upd. I'm installing van buyten by Guarin_91 and use...
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    Fahad's Minifaces

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    sYNOPT1k Minifaces

    Hey synopt1k, HANNES SIGURDSSON, please.
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    Arsenalfan2000's Minifaces

    Hey ars! Gervinho and Ljalic please :)
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    MiniFace pack 2013/14

    No problem :jap: Lobont Julio Sergio De Sanctis Skorupski Maicon Benatia Burdisso Dodo Jedvaj Torosidis Balzaretti Romagnoli Castan Taddei Pjanic De Rossi Florenzi Bradley Strootman Marquinho Verre Ricci Totti Caprari Destro Gervinho Ljajic Borriello
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    MiniFace pack 2013/14

    Hey vesolc, what about AS Roma?
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    nabo78 Boots

    I don't know why, but i don't have green button "Boots Assignments update available! Click here" in mwm selector. And i don't have moddingway mod too.
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    arsenalfan2000's Minifaces!

    Hey ars! Can you make new psg minis?
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    nabo78 Boots

    Thank you guys. Amazing patch.
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    Cris-9 Faces

    Wow! It's amazing looks like EA style. Damn!
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    Wade's Faces

    I'm wait for this Porto pack :(
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    Ukrainian League Patch 13

    Wow! Good news. And I found some id's: Konoplyanka - 200641 Fedetskiy - 200645 Oliynik - 200644 Devic - 200643 Vukojevic - 169417 Mikhalik - 179515 Luis Andriano - 180825 They are in the FIFA :)
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    FIFA 13 Faces by Aeh1991

    Boooom! Thank you!