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  1. Forlan10

    Creation Master 16

    Is it because pretty much my whole content is imported from .CMP files, then?
  2. Forlan10

    Creation Master 16

    Yes, but either way my problem isn't solved. What I really wanted was someone to walk me through it so I can find out what exactly I'm doing wrong, or how can I tell when I have a corrupted file and which one it is. I could send a download link of my files so they could be analyzed.
  3. Forlan10

    FIFA Manager Season 2020

    It's an excellent mod, I can only praise the makers. But I'm running into a problem: I made a folder to play my music when playing the game, and set the game to detect it, but even turning up the music volume, nothing plays. I saved my options, restarted the game, but it still won't go. Why?
  4. Forlan10

    Creation Master 16

    The database, you mean. Mine's at 3,976 KB. But of course, that's only counting the fifa_ng_db.db file. Are there any other files that count toward that limit? BTW, regenerating gets rid of the error, but Career and Tournaments still won't open.
  5. Forlan10

    FIFA 20-to-16 converted faces.

    A description of who's in each pack would be nice. I'm trying to look for someone who ripped Lev Yashin so I can put him on my Classic XI.
  6. Forlan10

    Creation Master 16

    Here's what I did: I backed up the game's original files and copied the "dlc" folder with the original files into the game's directory, so the tournament schedules were all reset, and from that I rebuilt my tournament structure from scratch. When I went to save, this popped up: About a dozen...
  7. Forlan10

    Creation Master 16

    I'm not really sure how that helps, but I have copies of the original files (both the database and the compdata folder) and the files I edited. I honestly have no idea what's wrong, I double-triple-checked everything and can't find any gremlin in the wiring.
  8. Forlan10

    NEW FIFA 20 Nintendo Switch Patch v3

    Do you have/know of a version for FIFA 19? I'd decided not to buy 20 because I knew it would be the same thing.
  9. Forlan10

    Creation Master 16

    Copies of the original files, you mean?
  10. Forlan10

    Creation Master 16

    I'm not sure if that's related, but for me it's even graver. I've made some extensive changes to my game with CM16 and now, for some reason, every time I try to enter Career and Tournament (including Women's World Cup) modes, the game crashes. Like this: Kick Off and the other modes work fine...
  11. Forlan10

    Nothing's working anymore?!?

    To elaborate: * I've checked that all leagues appear in-game (all those I still have, anyway); * I double-checked the league structures ranking tables and corrected the ones that were wrong; * I put the exact number of NTs I have for International Friendlies; * I made sure my schedule.txt is...
  12. Forlan10

    Nothing's working anymore?!?

    OK, so I decided to use my mods on a fresh FIFA install. I did everything I could not to screw anything up, readded in each of my .CMPs, restructured the competitions to fit everything, regenerated everything at the end. Now, when I get into the game, Kick-Off works fine... BUT NOTHING ELSE...
  13. Forlan10

    cafuri's Manager Graphics

    Hey man, Bundesliga and Serie A packs aren't working... Can you reup? But upload to Mediafire, please. Zippyshare is crap.
  14. Forlan10

    Tournaments crashing the game?

    UPDATE: I figured something out as I fiddled more. It's not so much that the game won't let you add more qualifiers, it's actually that there's a limit to the number of tournaments you can have in the game. And that limit is 89. Any more than that will push the last tournaments in the list to a...
  15. Forlan10

    Tournaments crashing the game?

    It was on schedule.txt. Probably a glitch, though, since usually CM16 modifies the file without changing the format of the lines.
  16. Forlan10

    FIFA 19 IDs

    Nice. Can you put up IDs for tournaments aside from the leagues, too?
  17. Forlan10

    Asia Continental Cup ID?

    Does anyone know what it is? I'm trying to make it in FIFA 16 (well, something slightly closer to the AFC Champions League anyway) and I want it to be consistent with 19.
  18. Forlan10

    FIFA 19 Nintendo Switch to FIFA 14,16

    Um, you forgot to put up the link for the adboards...
  19. Forlan10

    "Failed to read past end of stream" on CM11

    I've been getting this exception when working on my old .CMPs, because I found out there's some inconsistent IDs - I'm thinking that might be the cause because it didn't happen until I started correcting the IDs to the ones officially supplied by EA. I'm thinking there might be a cap to the ID...
  20. Forlan10

    Tournaments showing up as "undefined"

    I'm sorry, I just thought I'd keep being ignored and let the frustration get the better of me there. Can you please elaborate on this language problem? Does it have to do with CM16's Align Language feature? EDIT: I figured it out. Looks like there's only so many tournaments I can have in the...