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    How to change standard adboards into electronic?

    Is there a way to change what type of adboards TEAMS use? Because changing only in stadiums is damn unrealistic. Let's take generic stadiums for example - those are applied to a lot of teams, and you can never know whether all of them use one type of adboards (in most cases they DON'T).
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    Import your own music for FIFA 11 PC!!!!

    224 kbps? Now THAT'S not good. Especially for electronic music.
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    DeViLl0o Workshop [FIFA11]

    Zajebiste. Liedson pozdrawia :E
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    FIFA 11 new File structure - Analysis, experiments and discussions thread

    @The Nitro - it translated it almost perfectly, don't worry :)
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    Fifa 11 adboards by Elendil030.

    Nice man, very nice. Keep making! :D
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    MexicanTraveller's HD 1080p Editing

    That's some quality work m8 :D Perfect colours ;)
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    MexicanTraveller's HD 1080p Editing

    Very nice stuff man, respect. Are you planning to make a Bundesliga Adboardpack? I think about making an Eredivisie one :P
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    Rothosen's Stuff.

    Good, but not perfect ;) Hamburger SV ads look different. Try to make them more realistic ;)
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    MexicanTraveller's HD 1080p Editing

    Beautiful work mate :)
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    Fifa 11 adboards by Elendil030.

    Great! I'd make black looking darker though (something like 212121 or so) :) Keep making :D
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    Adboard template

    Nice, but pointless. Adboard template is located in another file, and adboards have to be "clean".
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    Fifa 11 adboards by Elendil030.

    Sorry mate those are not proper ;) They're good looking though. Check out the template thread, new adboard format is there.
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    Opeel stuff

    Nice ones man ;) Gdzie teraz jestes? FP? :P
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    ..:: First FIFA11 exports!! ::..

    Thanks for the guide ;)
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    ..:: First FIFA11 exports!! ::..

    At least if it's ttf special letters are still possible ;)
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    ..:: First FIFA11 exports!! ::..

    So we can actually make a separate font for each player? AWESOME! Special letters like ä etc. will be possible.
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    ..:: First FIFA11 exports!! ::..

    Pepis ale sie wkurwiles xd Decent adboard template ;) Gonna work on it.
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    Sounds like exactly what those african idiots should do.
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    New Kits 2010/2011

    It owns. BTW - Tell us her name :D :P
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    Adboards Thread Fifa09 - Elendil030

    nice, very nice ;)